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Keith Richards
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I've known about this but I just find it crazy so I figured I'd post it.

Keith Richards was diagnosed with Hepatitis C a couple years ago and he cleared it on his own, no treatment, no supplements and he still drank the whole time. He says he cleared it by being himself, he didn't change anything. He claims to have a "super immune system" and doctors were amazed and want to study his body after he dies.

How the hell is this possible? Thoughts?
Posted on 01/28/10, 02:29 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for Hepatitis C. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #11 - 01/28/10  7:46pm
" wow,,Greg i should have clicked one back before i posted,,,,,very interesting..,,If i would have had his money im sure i would be dead,,,thank goodness for low income,,hahahahaha "
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Reply #12 - 01/28/10  7:53pm
" some people are imortal i guess "
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Reply #13 - 01/28/10  8:52pm
" every single thing you read it says that at least 15% of people who contract hep C clear it on their own. he's one of the lucky 15% ers.

and i bet he's happy all the time...that probably has tons to do with it....happy mental stress due to lots of heroin. "
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Reply #14 - 01/28/10  8:53pm
" or maybe heroin is the cure to hep C?! hahahahaha wouldn't that be lovely.. "
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Reply #15 - 01/28/10  8:57pm
" Keith Richards has actually been dead for over 30 years but due to the amazing self embalming he has done he continues to function as if he was alive. Hence why the virus came and went...he didnt actually have a liver there to attack! "
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Reply #16 - 01/28/10  9:59pm
" I contracted it, tested positive, and was told to wait and see if my body would clear on it's own. After 2 months it was gone. Undetectable. Doctor said that I had a 95% chance that it would never come back if it was still undy in 6 months. At month 5 i got sick. Got tested and the doctor says " you unfortunately are the unlucky 1 in 20 that didn't clear." Start Tx 2morrow. A little worse odds now, but it could be worse. Keep Kicking Ass Kieth! "
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Reply #17 - 01/28/10  10:38pm
" McBratty!!! LOL "
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Reply #18 - 01/28/10  11:01pm
" Mcbratty.....U win... :0) "
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Reply #19 - 01/29/10  1:37am
" My doctor said that sometimes people get hep c and are diagnosed but their immune system fights it off. Some people just get lucky but Keith Richards must be a silent messenger from god cos I would think only a uber-healthy person would be able to do it. "
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Reply #20 - 01/29/10  2:05am
" Go Keith I'm jealous! "

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