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Tears of JOY!!! Undie at 4!!!
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I'm crying tears of JOY right now. Just got the call from
my nurse. I'm undie at 4 weeks!!! She said all labs
were back to normal. HCV un-detected!!!! Thank you
my friends.

Posted on 01/03/13, 03:27 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for Hepatitis C. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #21 - 01/04/13  7:00am
" All of you here at DS have given me hope! When diagnosed
3 1/2 years ago I thought this is it for me, this is the way I'm
checking out. And I just excepted it. So I put it behind me and
said lets move on. But NO!!! People just would not leave me
alone!!! LOL. My wife, my doctor, my hep c nurse, hounding
me, with letters and phone calls. When ya starting these tx.
I said to be sick for a year with only a 40 percent cure rate?
Then she called about the triple tx and 6months sounded
better. I had forgotten about this site. Then remembered it
a couple days before starting. You guys are something else.
Even though I still feel like I've hit by a MACK TRUCK!!! LOL
At least now I see you!!!! With HOPE & NEW DREAMS!!!!!
I hope & pray that you all get good news also!!!!

Thank you,

Ozzie "
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Reply #22 - 01/04/13  8:14am
" Oz, great story and it shows to never give up.
Congrats on the 4 week undie! "
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Reply #23 - 01/04/13  9:26am
" Cooool Coool :-) You must have caught it early and have ....well which type have you got? 1a.2bond ?or/and so forth? "
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Reply #24 - 01/04/13  9:46am
" I'm stage 2 w/min scarring. Doc said with no alcohol in my
life I should be fine. Well I haven't drank in 3 years now. I don't
even like how it makes me feel anymore. I have bigger fish
to fry now!!! LOL. Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!
Shot #6 tonight!!!! Oh I'm 1A. "
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Reply #25 - 01/04/13  10:05am
" This is wonderful news!!!! I remember getting my undie at 4 and it was like the weight of the world lifted-- i was never so happy to feel crappy! I go for my 8 wk blood work today. fingers crossed.... "
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Reply #26 - 01/04/13  12:46pm
" woohoo! Thanks for the hope =) Congrats to you. "
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Reply #27 - 01/04/13  12:53pm
" Woot woot! "
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Reply #28 - 01/04/13  1:45pm
" Congrats on your rapid response to tx!! WONDERFUL!! UNDIE!! "
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Reply #29 - 01/04/13  2:44pm
" Wonderful news, congratulations!! "
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Reply #30 - 01/04/13  8:12pm
" u guys and gals are great..i use to be a real supporter as well as getting support...that is what this site is all about....3 tx's later i';m svr.....working 6 days a wk. 12 hrs....not that its easy even normal healthy people get tired w/such hrs.........oz. welcome back to the group and good news......fight the good fight...............fight on.... "

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