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Hi everyone. Hope you had a nice Christmas day. I guess I'll be lucky to remember it at all tomorrow... Get a load of this:

Yesterday I was speaking to CVS/Caremark pharmacy re: my next order of meds. Since I only have THREE weeks left (halleleuia!) I discussed w/them about the dr writing a new rx for just 3, not 4 wks of meds. I needed a new script anyway, as the old one was expired. They were going to contact dr & suggested I call dr too, to also explain the 3 week thing. My dr doesn't pay attention to things, and would have done it for four, and I'm going to have to pay 50% of at least part of it, as my PANF money will have run out.

Long story short, I called my old gastro's office that I used almost 3 yrs ago, and discussed this w/the nurse. She said she would call me back.
Called me back & informed me I hadn't been to this dr for Tx in 3 yrs. I was really blown away by this.... The nurse even asked me who my dr was when I first spoke to her & I gave her name (the old dr). It never registered till she called me back.

This will be a MAJOR problem if this doesn't eventually go away. Plus the NYC show I saw at MSG..... Didn't remember till a few months after I got the tickets that I saw it last year w/my son! It was much better this time - I think.
Posted on 12/25/12, 09:40 pm
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Reply #41 - 12/28/12  9:15pm
" But enough about ur driving skills Mike. "
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Reply #42 - 12/28/12  9:15pm
" Hate to be a party pooper but I am going to lay down. "
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Reply #43 - 12/28/12  9:17pm
" That last shot treating u wrong eh? Okay feel better. I'm going to exit with all of you. Ozzie can entertain himself clearly. "
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Reply #44 - 12/28/12  9:20pm
" I'm in the crash mode...... "

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