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How long does the Hep C virus live once .....
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How long does the Hep C virus live once outside the body?

I would hate to put anyone else at risk of getting Hep C if I was careless. In visiting a friend for the night I started thinking about how safe you can be. I realize not using the same razor and toothbrushes are out. I know rubber gloves could be used in the kitchen but they do break and can be cut by a sharp instrument. What if someone accidentally used your razor or when cooking for others you cut yourself and blood was on counter top. Even after cleaning thoroughly with soap and water (I also use Clorox cleaning spray after soap) that you may have missed a small area that left some blood on the counter. How long would the virus live in these conditions such as on a razor or a counter top exposed to air?
Posted on 10/08/07, 11:59 pm
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Reply #1 - 10/09/07  1:53am
" Recent studies suggest that HCV may survive on environmental surfaces at room temperature at least 16 hours, but no longer than 4 days. "
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Reply #2 - 10/09/07  2:37am
" It's blood to blood. They would have to have an open cut(not one that's scabbed over) and your blood would have to somehow get inside their cut. If you do bleed on say a piece of bread and somebody ate it, they would not get it due to the fact that stomach acid is so strong it can actually partially disolve metal nails. Stomach acid has no problem neutralizing and killing the virus. If it was so easy to get we'd all have it. I go to the barber once a week, there's no transmission there. Blood to blood. "
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Reply #3 - 10/09/07  2:38am
" It does stay active on say needles for 2 weeks-a month, so don't poke yourself or anybody else with razors, needles, etc. "
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Reply #4 - 10/09/07  2:53am
" i just copied and pasted this info from the british liver trust:
"The hepatitis C virus is very infectious. This means that it is easy to catch if you are exposed to even a tiny amount of it. The virus lives mainly in blood, so any contact with blood that is already infected, however small, poses a risk. A tiny amount of blood – too small to be visible to the naked eye – from someone with the virus is capable of passing on the infection if it gets into your blood stream, for example, through an open wound, cut or scratch. This can apply to dried blood on objects and surfaces also, as the hepatitis C virus can survive for up to two weeks in dried blood."

hope it helps you to decide what precautions you need to ensure infection is not passed on.
have a good day:) "
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Reply #5 - 10/09/07  2:55am
" it seems that link didnt work. thy this one@ "
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Reply #6 - 10/09/07  8:49am
" Have had hep C 30 years married to same woman. I help cook, clean, wash veggies have cookouts enjoy great sex, (many times unprotected). 3 kids 2 gr kids. Always cautious about my situation. I can count on one hand the times my blood was an issue due to a cut, and made sure there was no contact with anyone around me. My wife has been tested over the years and she is negative. Common sense is in line when being cautious. From my experience, it's pretty difficult to ransmit this virus. If you are prone to bleeding, (ladies withhep C during menstrual cycle) be extra careful. I try to live as normal a life as possible being careful, not giving in to things that have not occured. The fact that you are aware and concerned about transmitting hep c is a step in the right direction. It is more important to address an issue asap after a blood incident than the life of the virus outside the body. Hope this helps "
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Reply #7 - 10/09/07  2:39pm
" I thank all of you for such excellent advice. It is what I wanted to know. "
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Reply #8 - 10/09/07  2:48pm
" Hello and welcome to DS.

I will bump a thread on this very subject in a minute, but first I should tell you that cooking food gives no danger to your family.
Nor does using the same utensils.

You can actually cut yourself and bleed in the food, and you won't contract the virus.

Your digestive system works it out of your system.

Remember the virus is a blood to blood, unlike airborn, so unless you actually bleed and someone with an open wound gets your blood onto the open wound, then there is a danger.

I will look back at similar threads and bump them for you.

Take care,
one day at the time

ps: as for blood living outside the body, well I originally thought it was 72 hours, but we had a debate here on this very subject and it pushed me to research newly information, and apparently the dry blood can actually live for months post outside the body. "
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Reply #9 - 10/09/07  3:04pm
" as someone else posted in another thread, DNA lives for years, co why not the hep c???
and yes, i agree mckenzie, i spoke with someone at the british liver trust this afternoon and they confirmed that, although they publish that hep c can survive up to two weeks in dried blood, there are now considering the possibility of it surviving for months outside the body. "
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Reply #10 - 10/11/07  9:47am
" HI, Just keep your personal items, particularly toothbrushes, razors, separate from others -we had a drama 3 yrs. ago & had to wait weeks for results - g'son used elder d's brush: it was wite & dark blue- his flouresent orange & green; Even got my Psych 101 textbook out & gave him color blindness test - he's normal - just a daydreamer. Elder d. just doesn't think! I shared housee with her & a gay friend of hers who was also HIV+. He was very careful about cleaning the kitchen, etc - used electric razor in his bedroom - I never felt worried: we all knew the procedures-just basic hygiene & sep. personal cleanliness items. If elder d. had cut herself it would have been bad- she goes into shock, due to road accident at 17, & runs all obver the place: one just evacuates until she calms down. Cleanup with soap & water, then dettol as per directions. No big deal - no need to get uptight. JaneD. "

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