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I haven't been on long, but I wanted to share why I'm here. My husband and I really hit big bump in our relationship. It was almost over after 11 years. We are picking up the pieces now and I am very hopeful that we can rebuild this marriage.
We were both at fault in some way or another, I realized that I haven't really been myself for years. I use to be a very sexual person, with great self-esteem, and lots of friends.
That part of me faded away and that is why I am here. I need to rediscover the girl that he fell in love with.

Anyway, I need to know how long will the fantastic make-up sex last? We are falling in love all over again and it is amazing. We have really started to open up and put ourselves out there.
I feel like I can't get enough of him. I'm so tired, but I just can't stop and neither can he

Is this normal? Has anybody had this before? How can I keep this going on?

Any advice?
Posted on 04/09/13, 05:20 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for Healthy Sex. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

You may also create your own Member Groups where you can moderate the discussion.
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Reply #71 - 04/10/13  2:46pm
" Mobi, Montana speaks the truth....I begged, but to no avail. I lasted all of a minute. But it was a glorious minute.

My bet is on Montana.

However, I'm sorry for hijacking the thread early on. I'd like to turn it back over to Cher and Moro, right after I turn over so Lisa can..... "
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Reply #72 - 04/10/13  2:48pm
" Welcome back Molo, yea, I imsgine it has been rough and quite possibly could get rougher, but it also seems your W and yoirself have common ground to work on and a foundation to keep you going for each other. Best of luck to you both. "
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Reply #73 - 04/10/13  3:28pm
" This is a great site. Glad that I'm back. Very interesting reading this thread. Yesh, calling someone out in open is not cool in my opinion. We are all human and working with one thing or another. PM me and I'll tell you my story - it's intense.
Hey, just my thoughts - not trying to cause waves here. "
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Reply #74 - 04/10/13  4:42pm
" Brneyegirl I'm glad you didn't quit. I really hope that we can all work through this. I told you, all is forgiven and I came here to help my marriage. That is the one true intent. I know I don't know you, but you need to know I don't hate you either.
I have nothing but love to offer at this point.
I'm treading water that is under the bridge and I'm trying to stay a float
I really hope that those of you here who already seem to hate me can get over it-my intentions pure. I'm really just here to rediscover the old me.....and probably vent out those sexual frustrations "
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Reply #75 - 04/10/13  4:53pm
" Cher..if I may be of service.. "
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Reply #76 - 04/10/13  4:58pm
" pleeezzz, you have to be a repeat troll with the same old stories and bs to get a hate rating around here, heck, I been here 5 years and though some say they despise me, only a few have really hated me, pretty sure that bitch was my ex, or one of my ex's LOL "
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Reply #77 - 04/10/13  8:08pm
" Oh mobi, you've already done so much! "
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Reply #78 - 04/10/13  11:49pm
" Thanks everyone for the support and if not support than the honest opinions
Just sayin I ain't hate-in
ain't drinkin the hateraid
and swimmin with alihators
and I aint eatin no hatertots
Thanks again "
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Reply #79 - 04/10/13  11:51pm
" sooo..we're good on the anal enterprise? "
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Reply #80 - 04/10/13  11:55pm
" Of course we are Mobi "

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