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Who's Irish here?
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& maybe post your favorite St.Patty's day celebration
Posted on 03/17/13, 09:48 am
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Reply #11 - 03/17/13  1:00pm
" I believe I'm way past due for my injection, waaaaaaay past due! "
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Reply #12 - 03/17/13  1:37pm
" No Irish here but I will celebrate today by drinking beer. :) "
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Reply #13 - 03/17/13  3:02pm
" I am a mutt which may include some Irish seeing as I can safely say I'm of white European heritage.

Being a mutt is great, we tend to be smarter, sturdier, have better temperaments and fewer health problems. Don't forget less inbreeding. Plenty of good reasons to adopt us! "
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Reply #14 - 03/17/13  4:48pm
" You better rest up Geezer, haven't had an injection since Nov. 20 but I'm not keeping track. "
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Reply #15 - 03/17/13  5:10pm
" My mother is a mix of Irish. My grandmother is from the republic (Innishannon) and my grandfather is Northern Irish (Enniskillen). My father was born in Scotland (Islay) but moved to London when he was 7 years old.

I class myself as English as I've lived in the north of England all my life, but I respect my mother/father roots and visit my grandparents often.

So yeah, I have mixed heritage and definitely feel The pull of Celtic traditions, but to be honest, I'm still English!

Happy St Paddy's day peeps. "
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Reply #16 - 03/17/13  6:08pm
" I'm not Irish. I've never even had corned beef and cabbage..
I am American, but heritage is Italian. St Joseph's is on March 19th.. Mmmm, meatballs and Italian pastries. I would have said pasta but I don't eat it anymore... "
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Reply #17 - 03/17/13  7:00pm
" On my father's side, Scottish, Irish, English mother's side, Germanic. Your basic European American MUTT! "

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