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Adios Fantasy
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If you're fantasizing about someone, some situation, or some sort of fetish, does it disappear the minute you orgasm?

For me, it's pretty much gone right when I'm done. 5-10 minutes later, it's likely to return.
Posted on 02/23/13, 04:35 am
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Reply #11 - 02/23/13  11:09pm
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Reply #12 - 02/24/13  12:13am
" During sex I sometimes imagine other scenes, oftentimes pornographic scenes and other women enjoying sex. I dont think its normal. I think the best sex is intimate and sweet, with a mutual connection. My issue is I dissociate a lot of the time from what is going on. And yes, the thoughts leave as soon as I orgasm. "
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Reply #13 - 02/24/13  3:01am
" Dude, if that pic is you, your abs rock. I only said that about the faithful so nobody thinks I might be hitting on you. 'Cos I'm not and wouldn't. Sort of the monogamous type. My man is it!

Has a paunch, but I don't care! I LOVE HIM! "
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Reply #14 - 02/24/13  3:13am
" I swear to goodness I just saw a goat do the moonwalk. "
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Reply #15 - 02/24/13  4:32am
" Tantric - I can assure you that pic is me! If I was going to rip one off the Internet I would have used one with a nicer looking face and a suntan lol.

Thanks for the compliment though! "
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Reply #16 - 02/24/13  6:48am
" What do you do to take care of your body Viper? "
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Reply #17 - 02/24/13  7:40am
" Haha. I've seen MUCH Better.

Not a lot struggling to be honest. Can't tell if you're being sarcastic... But, in case you're not... Mainly playing golf and golf related stretching and strength conditioning.

What do you do to keep your bucket looking such a nice shade of green? ;-) "

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