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Something to function sexually with ur spouse or with the opposite sex?

Like Viagra, levitra, cialis, penis pump, injections, dildo, vibrator vitamins, Ginkco biloka, etc, etc. .......

This question pertains to both men and women.

Secondly, what do you like about it or them and what don't you like about it or them?
Posted on 11/27/12, 06:30 pm
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Reply #21 - 11/28/12  8:49pm
" Bob - that sounds terrible! i am sorry.

Celexa caused me to lose all sex drive. It sucked. Well it wasn;t terrible cus I wasn trying to not have sex then. But is was WRONG.

The person I am is a sexual being. It messed with my chemistry and it took a very important part of my identity away from me. I tried and tried by all the usual methods to get turned on and they all failed. So i went off it.

That stuff is scary! And made me thing about who i really am. Under the hormones and chemistry...who am I? Or rather, who do i want to be.

Well, i want to have orgasms as a healthy adult should have in my view. Without it I was numb. And I felt like a zombie. I don't want to be a zombie. I want passion, and love, and life, and experience.

And if/when I lose my natural response to sex as they now stand, fine. I will work on my garden then. Until then, give me porn, sex and rock n roll. And some light bondage. :) "
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Reply #22 - 11/29/12  8:50pm
" i amon zoloft withno sexual side effects that i know of. althoughi dont get as wet as i used to. i just chalked it up to getting older and having kids though.

although, i have a feeling that they may want to switch me to cymbalta or lexapro or something since i have been having more fibro problems. "

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