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I wrote a paper in college a few years ago about the topic of men these days being or being perceived as perpetual boys. Here was one of my references.

I referenced a better article that I can't seem to find. The one in the link focuses more on 20 somethings, where as the better article went so far as to 40 somethings. The better article was scoffing at the fashion sense that men used to dress up more and things have become to casual. It claimed that men who used to wear khakis and polo shirts, now the same age group is found wearing cargo shorts, hip t-shirts, and baseball caps.

I guess I can see this as being true but I don't have a huge opinion on it. I have noticed 40-50 year old guys dressing like I would have dressed when I was 18. However, I still rock a snowboard t-shirt and cargo shorts and enjoy snowboarding as much as I can in the winter. As far as the younger generation maturing later, I think it's hit or miss. Some of my friends have been raised by women only and are extremely successful, one friend of mine is adopted and has a trust fund and is 28 and his first job was when he was 27 and he got fired after 3 shifts. Interestingly enough those two grew up together and are still great friends.

Do you see this going on? Any similarities? Any differences? I'm curious of everyone's opinions on this topic.
Posted on 08/22/13, 01:54 pm
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Reply #1 - 08/22/13  2:01pm
" You should share this with Hero.... "
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Reply #2 - 08/22/13  2:04pm
" As an example in my family, my uncle dress and acts like a 20 year old man, but he carries with bascially all the responsability in his family, so he's not really immature, he just likes to dress like that.
On the other hand I think right now is more common to see young guys dressing sharp, maybe is all the hipster thing, I honestly like that men can wear red pants nowadays and not be judged so hard, my brother used to complain a lot of how all the men's clothes is bascially the same, now he has pants in all colors possible. "
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Reply #3 - 08/22/13  2:07pm
" Dress how you feel.

In the words of Luis Guzman, to Don Cheadle, a black character wanting to dress like a redneck, in the movie, Boogie Nights: "Do what you dig."

Honestly, if I worried about that crap, I'd go insane. "
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Reply #4 - 08/23/13  6:14am
" American culture in general doesn't promote growing up. " children" are still being helpless at 21 thanks to brainwashing on TV, cookie cutter education and lack of any serious problems in the country.
I am proud to say that my kid didn't become a part of it. He is 14. Got his first job this summer by his own wishes and earned his first 500$ working for the city and funny that you mentioned polo shirts - for his upcoming school year he asked me to buy khakis and polo shirts lol "
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Reply #5 - 08/23/13  8:27pm
" Aronia, I somewhat agree with you, and I am grateful too that my kids didn't totally embrace the culture of entitlement that is so prevalent around where I live. They spent half their lives in a different country and culture, and still realise that the world is not so privileged everywhere else.
Also because of the cost of moving here I could not afford to pay for everything they wanted, so they had to find ways to earn money to buy the things they wanted.
My 2nd son insists on wearing smart business clothes to work even though the dress code at the company he works for is business casual. As he says he dresses for the job he wants to aspire to - no wonder he is already being groomed to be a project engineer, even though he has just graduated from college. "
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Reply #6 - 08/23/13  9:43pm
" Something I see is that you and Hero never post to each other, yet, you just posted on a topic we know he is obsessed with.

What the hell is up with life where people are this concerned about their age and the clothes they wear? My God, I hope when my final day gets here, I meant more to my loved ones than the color sweatshirt I wore at 30, 40, 50, 100. "

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