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So sexual harassment is ok if you're young?
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I just read this article talking about this picture that surfaced of Justin Bieber grabbing grabbing this girl's breast while posing for a photo with her. Something that women would find TOTALLY unacceptable and unforgivable in most cases. But I scroll down to the comments, and to my amazement, it's the females who are DEFENDING him.

The comments that stood out to me were the ones that said something along the lines of "he's only 18, if we judged all teen boys this way they'd all be in jail". This one girl replied to one guy's comment by saying "do you have anything better to do than to judge an 18 year old boy?" WTF?? Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME??? I can only imagine what these bitches would have said if he was 30 or something. Actually, one of the comments even said "it's not like he's 30 or something".

So let me see if I have this right....sexual harassment is only sexual harassment if you're not young? And 18 is still a child? So I'd really like to ask, why? I'm almost 25 and I haven't had a fraction of the experiences with girls that guys like that have had. Why should it be ok for them to behave any way they want with girls while I can't? I am seriously disgusted by the mere thought of that.
Posted on 01/30/13, 11:25 pm
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Reply #131 - 02/04/13  10:02pm
" No, I am just basing it on what I see and hear from people. "
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Reply #132 - 02/04/13  11:15pm
" For somebody who doesn't approach women you seem to now a lot of what they are thinking. If I based my my opinion of men on what I see in the media or in 'society', I'd think that men were senseless hornbags who have no integrity. Unfortunately I don't think that, because I know the media and society only speaks for a few men, not all. "

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