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Apple Cider Vinegar for Genital Warts
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Well, I have been doing this for 2 days. I am just soaking cotton balls and shoving them also have been putting a pad on, to catch any leaks or over excess from the cotton, so that I don't get vinegar all over my chair. I only leave it on for about 2 hours at a time. It may take me longer to get rid of them this way, but I am extremely sensitive. I don't see how anyone could do it as long as overnight. Anyway, I have noticed a change in the warts, majorly. In just 2 nights of 2 hours apps, I feel the warts are smaller. Everytime I use the bathroom and wipe, I notice some "stuff" on the tissue...which I am assuming is warts coming off. I am however, sore, swollen and very irritated. So, at night, right after treatment I have been putting vitamin E oil on to help soothe things, and it works some but not fully. I will probably take a few days off this weekend to let things heal, then start again on Sunday night. I just wanted to share my experience with this, as I have heard SOOO much about it, but no one has personally used it that I know of. I am so happy that they are going away!

Now...does anyone know about drinking ACV? Like diluted in water or something else? Just wondered...:)
Posted on 10/13/10, 03:32 pm
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Reply #41 - 12/03/10  3:12pm
" oh that would so support probiotics use. ACV is a naturel colon cleanser. It will remove toxins from the body. It has so many health benefits..helps with acid reflux, eczema, dry skin, and weight loss even too! plus many more. You can google it and see. When you remove toxins from ones body it boosts the immune system and will help with alkalizing as well..which no virus can live in.
I like now foods brands. Take 2 before meals 3 times a day and take with lots of water...good will notice a few pounds dropped in the first month...bonus!!!just toxins leaving the body and metabolism speeding up. "
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Reply #42 - 12/06/10  11:42pm
" I just started using ACV today and some of the warts are already turning black and shrinking!!!
I was wodnering though what ACV does to the skin around the warts. Has anybody had any problems with that? "
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Reply #43 - 01/15/11  7:37pm
" Bernmom how are you doing? Taking Charge any changes or improvements? would love to read updates from everyone. I havent tried any real treatments yet. I have only been taking vitamins and waiting to see my gyno.

I do drink ACV every morning, ugh the worst taste ever makes me gag. I was wondering if the pills were just as effective I hope its helping me internally at least.

My cycle just came on so cant do much but everyone I'm a newbie to all this..Ive tried the onion and the potatoes because Im scared of the ACV..but I only found out two weeks ago however my issue is getting bigger sucks with no insurance. "
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Reply #44 - 01/16/11  3:51pm
" Hey lissaheart ~ here is my ACV update. It works -- the GW will turn white, then with a bit of a black center, then the whole thing sloughs off with irritated skin underneath (and usually wherever else the ACV was touching). The skin underneath is slow to heal, I think it was lostkat who recc'd vitamin E oil, which I have not tried. I've been dabbing with tea tree oil, which I (hope) keeps the area sterilized, but sets up a counter-irritation, which may be slowing down the skin healing. Keep taking the ACV internally, keep up with your vitamins and I find outrageous amounts of rest helpful :-D LOL Hang in there, lots of support for you here!! :-) "
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Reply #45 - 07/31/12  11:46am
" I was wondering if you had your vagina get infected after you used the acv. I read what you posted and tried it; the one large one turned black and fell off, but the tons of small ones surrounding it turned a yellowish and are NOT healing. It's been days (I only left it on for 2 hours total) and they look infected. I'm too scared to go to the doctor and tell him what I tried since I know he didn't want me to try it, but I am worried it will need antibiotics. Can you advise? "
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Reply #46 - 08/01/12  10:16am
" My apologies ahead of time as to my answer because I haven't read all the way through this thread.
ACV can be taken orally (one tablespoon) daily diluted in something like water with a fresh squeeze of lemon juice or iced tea or juice.
It is imperative to only drink organic ACV which you can buy in just about any grocery store now (Braggs is a popular brand). The organic ACV is cloudy while the regular kind isn't. "
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Reply #47 - 08/10/12  12:02pm
" I tried the ACV organic on my penis gland for two days, after the second night I noticed a rash, so I gave it a break for two days and now I notice I have a cluster of warts more then before.
Does anyone have experience with this? Is it something that gets worse before it gets better? I was really hopeful after reading a lot of good results from ACV but now think I shouldnt continue. "
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Reply #48 - 08/10/12  4:05pm
" Hey I recently found out I had hpv and followed by the diagnosis I felt and saw little bumps on my labia minora. I googled remedies and pictures, I was terrified. Then I came across this website and tried the acv burned but did nothing for me, but after a week or so,the following morning after leaving it over night I have two white looking blisters on a spot where I had no bumps/warts. I did put acv on those spots, it was impossible not ri since its so close to the bumps. PLEASE help, I'm hoping the blisters are irritation from the acv, but I'm negatively thinking I also was infected with herpes :'(... Sorry for the long story but if someone can help me or has experienced this please reply.thank you ~lifeless "
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Reply #49 - 08/10/12  5:25pm
" Kinda the same situation with me Lifeless, it wass impossible not to get the ACV on the space between two bumps and now that space is full of little bumbs. From what I've read about herpes though the first out break is the worst and usually results in open sores, so pretty sure thats not it. "
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Reply #50 - 08/15/12  6:31pm
" Thanks for the reply jimis. Your words did help abit,but just in case I made an appt to go see my doctor about it. His going to be mad since he did say not to try at home remedies. The blisters are still there it looks like they are healing,just using peroxide now,so weird that it doesn't burn. "

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