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Tuesday May 31, 2016

Anxious Stories

  • Is it the "one"--who knows?

    Tuesday, January 22, 2013 | An Anxious story

    I just spent an hour on the phone talking, just talking to a guy. Not for sex, just a conversation getting to begin knowing each other. It was nice not being pressured sexually, not pursuing a sexual relationship. He had just lost his partner of 22 yrs last July, so he is beginning over as well. We just spent the hour talking about nothing basically and just discussing nothing in particular. ...

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  • Now, how do I tell him?

    Monday, March 4, 2013 | An Anxious story

    Ok, guys and gals, Me and my new guy are getting along fine, but I am at a point where I am just stopped.  We already have spent one night together.....safely, but how it the hell do I tell him I am HIV positive? I am scared to death he will stop the relationship, but then, again, if I don't tell him, what will happen on down the line....he'll think I willingly misled him by not telling him ...

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  • taking artipla

    Monday, March 23, 2015 | An Anxious story

    just start taking artipla tomorrow is going to be a weak to be exactly have an oppointmentt with my dr next monday really nervous i take it at am since i work nights my body is still getting use it but sometimes i then to overthink about the side effect

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