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Coffee, Tea or Milk???
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I just read in someone else's post that they had given up coffee, tea and milk. Seems like something else too but don't remember where I read it now. Does being a heavy tea or coffee drinker make a difference? How about other caffeine products? Where does milk fit in here? I'm a heavy duty tea drinker so hope this info is incorrect. The only other thing I drink is milk. Isn't looking too good for me!!

Any advice? or info? Thanks.

Posted on 09/25/08, 06:53 pm
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Reply #1 - 09/25/08  7:07pm
" I think for someone that is very hyper the caffiene would be bad for you...raises your blood pressure, heart rate...etc. I have found when my levels were normal, I could have a cup of coffee. Some people cut it out completely though. See how it makes you feel...if you feel bad after...I wouldn't drink it. I would judge it based on how you feel...just my opinion though. "
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Reply #2 - 09/25/08  7:08pm
" Too much caffeine can aggravate one's hypER symptoms. It can raise the cardiac levels. I try not to consume much caffeine and stick with just one cup per day.

Dairy products will also aggravate hypER symptoms as well. Not all do, but some will. It is because that the Iodine is used to wash the cow's udders/teats and the machineries.

Some teas are not good, but since I am really not a tea drinker, I cannot comment on the whys/hows and which ones are safe to drink for those who are hypER/hypO.

Take care... :-) "
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Reply #3 - 09/25/08  7:27pm
" I love my coffee...but since Ive been diagnosed Ive had to cut way back on it. I have 1cup in the morn and another in the afternoon. Im finding that that is too much now. I get very jittery on the inside. However, Ive discovered that Starbucks decafe whole beans are awesome. So Im changing to decafe. If you grind it fresh it tastes like the real thing...mmmm coffee! "
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Reply #4 - 09/25/08  7:37pm
" I drink coffee...2 cups in the morning and thats it.

There are so many foods thrown at us that we are NOT supposed to eat or drink and I know at one stage I said to breathing bad for me too? lol (joke)

Anyway...I think anything in moderation is ok if you dont get sick from it but no iodised salt or iodine.

The same as the popcorn episode with me a few weeks ago...I havent touched popcorn since my lips started to swell from the salt.
I was told green leafy vegies were bad.
Now how do you sit down with your 3 year old grandson and tell him NOT to eat the green vegies.
I'm sorry but I cant as this kids loves his vegies.

I just think sometimes the internet and books can all go a little overboard with 'dont eat this, dont eat that'.

If it doesnt make you hyper and you feel fine eating it...then go for it , I say.
We have enough to deal with...without spending top dollars for stuff that does nothing for our health.

Be like JR...hes gonna try banana, mustard and turkey sandwiches lol..(yukk)

(joke ..JR hehehehe) "
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Reply #5 - 09/25/08  8:14pm
" Thanks for the advice all. This just keeps getting better and better doesn't it. NOT.

This does bring to mind another question though. Caffeine does create a sort of hyperactivity among healthy people. Is there any corelation between hyperthyroid and ADD or ADHD? There is probably a post somewhere about this and I apologize, but I haven't looked. The question just came up.

Goldiebear "
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Reply #6 - 09/25/08  8:16pm
" I looooove my tea. And until 2 months ago, I drank several cups of tea a day + at least 1 latte (I miss those Starbucks lattes) + diet coke + chocolate. When I got off caffeine, I literally went through 2 days of headaches. In retrospect, I was addicted to caffeine.

So, I switched to caffeine-free teas (NOT decaf teas). Here is the website where I buy herbal teas. I recommend Strawberry Kiwi and Casablanca. They have very rich taste and they smell so great.

I would appreciate if people share their great finds. "
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Reply #7 - 09/26/08  1:37am
" Yes, Yes, Yes I read about the milk thing too. I looovvveee milk. So i bought soy ( too sweet), rice milk (too sour), goat milk I thoght twice about. They were saying that the hormones in milk via the cow would cause your thyroid hormone to increase or something like that. They also said that green leafy vegetables had something like (caladium) or some word similiar that will cause eye bulging or something. I did that too but I love greens and salad so to be on the safe side I eat ocassionally. I can't shake the smoking which is the worst leaf.LOL "
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Reply #8 - 09/26/08  10:54am
" Caffeine and dairy made a difference for me pre RAI. There were those days of no sleep that I'd have to throw down some caffeine and the effects were usually pretty noticeable. The hand tremors, heart palpitations, no strength/stamina, etc. would be stronger than usual.

I also wonder if caffeine can accelerate the effects of Graves on the thyroid. A while back I used to drink those "energy" drinks before hockey. Red Bull/Amp/etc. What started as 1 before a game once or twice a week ended up being 2 before a game 10-14 times a week. After a few heart palpitation episodes and constant hand tremors, I went cold turkey. But the symptoms never went away after 10 years which leads me to believe I've had Graves for at least 10 years and probably longer since there were other symptoms I've experienced since I was a little kid.

Anywho... point being that the hand tremors and constant heart palps, losing the hair, sleeplessness, red eyes, etc. and other hyper symptoms all showed up at about the same time I was constantly caffenenated. Prior to that period I rarely consumed anything with caffeine. "
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Reply #9 - 09/26/08  1:23pm
" I used to drink a lot of cokes but my doctor told me not to since I was getting a lot of cysts on my breast and ovaries and he told me that the caffeine made them worse (made them bigger) so he said no caffeine for you at all. I used to get jittery, weird with sodas and coffee. So I switched to the caffeine free and it doesn't bother me at all, I also drink decaf coffee and tea, so I am used to it. My Endo told me not to have any caffeine. Oh well, I guess some thing we have to do without....I don't know about chocolate though, lol. "
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Reply #10 - 09/26/08  6:12pm
" When I first became hyper this time around (after a 14 year remission), I started finding that coffee tasted weird. Instead of my regular cup in the morning, I would just have a few mouthfuls.

After going on tapazole, coffee tasted fine again. On days when I'm not working, I only have one cup in the morning and that's it for the day. When I'm working, I usually end up having the equivalent of 2 to 2 1/2 cups in the day, no more. (BTW, I don't work full-time.) "

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