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lab results
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Maybe someone can help me on this. I'm alittle confused about my lab results. I asked my Dr. how off my results were and he said my condition was moderate and also said that I was in hyper 4 yrs ago and strangely enough went into remission till now and with no meds or treatment. I asked him how could that be and he didn't really give me an answer. He wanted me to do radiation right away and I explained to him that I was pretty conservative. So he agreed to put me on Methimazole, 30 mg. So I have been on this for about 3 weeks and woke up this Monday just about scratching my hands off my body. OMG! Tuesday wasn't much better and I took Benadryl in the pm. It worked and I felt better. Called my Dr. I asked if we could reduce amount of meds. He again wanted to talk about radiation but siad to reduce to 10 mg for now. My new labs are due in tommr. I am wondering if maybe I was getting too much meds for where I am at with this condition? I really hope the meds can work for me. I am really nervous about all this and I am going to seek 2nd and maybe 3rd opinion. I have been itchy today but not as bad as the previous days and I have not taken anymore Benadryl.
Posted on 12/06/12, 08:39 pm
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Reply #1 - 12/06/12  8:58pm
" Welcome:

If you would, please share your lab results so that we can better help you.

As for going into remission from several years ago without any meds, it could be that your thyroid antibodies were not very high to begin with or you had some blocking antibodies to prevent the other type of thyroid antibody from being stimulated. I guess.

Please share your lab reference ranges to go with these labs.

Don't let your doctor bully you into taking radiation as it looks like your MMI (Methimazole) has worked so well that you are itching and such. You may have been on too high of a dosage as nowadays the usual starting doses for the MMI is 20 mg per day.

I hope that you are taking the MMI in divided doses of twice a day to three times a day every 12 hour or every 8 hours. Otherwise the feelings of being too hypO the first half of the day followed by hypER the last half with symptoms yo yoing all over the place can leave one feeling for uncomfortable!

{{{hugs}}} "
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Reply #2 - 12/06/12  10:13pm
" Hi and thank you for replying back to me. I have not been taking the meds at different times. The instructions were: take 3 pills (30mg) once a day. For lab results starting on 6/17/12: tsh w/reflux to FT4 =0.01
T4, Free =2.1
Then on 10/6/12: TSH=0.01 , T4,Free= 1.8 , T3Free= 5.3 , Thyroid Peroxidase= 168 , TSI=316
Then on 11/5/12: TSH=0.01, T4,Free=2.1, T3,Free=5.3 "
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Reply #3 - 12/06/12  10:17pm
" I forgot to add that I had an uptake scan multiple the resultswere at 6 and 24 hrs and are 8% and 14% within the normal range, normal size, and no nodules. The1st and 2nd test results were from my primary care dr. and the last from the endo to recheck and more will be ready tommor. Thanks again "
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Reply #4 - 12/07/12  12:57am
" Hi Kim and welcome to the group,

First I want to remember to give you the link to Elaine's site.

She has a lot of information there and it's going to take you awhile to digest all of it. When you hover your cursor over the grey menu bar you will find drop down boxes with information.

Your TSI result shows us the cause of your hyperthyroid is Graves' disease. We Graves' patients have antibodies that can cause the thyroid grand to over produce, NOT a diseased thyroid. These same antibodies are the cause of multiple other Graves' problems so getting rid of the gland does not fix things. That only leaves the person with an extra problem..hypothyroidism, which for Graves' patients is not easy to regulate due to our antibodies.

The good news is we can control our thyroid levels with medication, and the same anti-thyroid drugs ( ATDs) are a mild immune suppressant, so we also lower our antibodies and eventually enter remission, which is where I am.. going on 11 years now.

The problem we have is doctors tend to not be up to date, and they have problems treating us correctly. But.. if you choose to educate yourself and learn the who's, what's and the why's of all this, you should do very well. Your numbers are all quite moderate

Each lab has different reference ranges for the test results.

FT4 1.50 ( .78-1.80)

Most FT4 result reference ranges top out at about 1.78 or 1.80..but they vary. If your FT4 of 2.1 is only slightly above a 1.80... a 30 mg dose of MMI is a massive over dose. Of course you are itching.

Please remember to get a prescription for 5 mg tablets. It's going to be very hard to cut partial doses with your nice moderate starting numbers. You off to a good start now, but boy 30 mg !!!!!

Here try this article to start... "
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Reply #5 - 12/07/12  10:30am
" Hi Pamin and thanks for the welcome. I am so glad I found this place. The last labs that I had were on 11/5/12. I am calling today for the new ones I had on Monday, which will be the 1st since I have been on the meds. Its funny but I went on Monday the same day I woke up scratching like a mad cat! Anyway the range for the TSH is 0.40-4.50 and my labs were 0.01, the range for T4Free is 0.8-1.8 and mine was2.1 and for the T3Free the range is 2.3-4.2 and mine was 5.3. I do not know what is really high but when I first looked at these #s I did think that they weren't off much. Well I am 3 days into only 10 mg and I am in the process of getting more dr opinions and of course spending more time here what with all the questions I have. And the itching is there but not what it was. Thanx please let me know what you think again about labs now that ranges are posted "

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