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Remove parental rights without DCF? 
9 By SaraBT
3:48 pm
I am never going to grow up 
12 By SaraBT
3:02 pm
5 By mysteryinc
on my mind 
4 By mysteryinc
at the hospital 
6 By mysteryinc
Anyone have a Special needs GC? 
4 By grammy22
Hello from a new member 
4 By fortress
usa today report 
2 By gmakaren
Free Lunch 
13 By GMaWilli
New member 
7 By granma05
Creepy mail for bio 
12 By daisydduck
First day of school 
5 By kslady43
Bio came to my house 
9 By raisingcaleb
Bio called-what to say??? 
3 By raisingcaleb
Do I allow visits? 
11 By Liam2010

Grandparents Raising Children Information

This community is dedicated to grandparents who are the primary caregivers of their grandchildren. In cases where the parents are not willing or able to provide adequate care for their children, grandparents may take on the role of primary caregivers.

Health Blogs

If you didn’t check out last week, we’ve got you covered. From surprising agers to heartburn remedies to sunscreen safety, check out our tips to help keep you and your family healthy.
  1. If you talk or text while driving, you could be putting yourself and your kids in ... Read More »
Summer is in full swing, and that means you’re probably spending lots of time outside. But while outdoor activities like camping, hiking and backyard barbecues are a lot of fun, chances are you’re also dealing with something else a bit unpleasant: Pesky mosquitoes. They can turn a perfectly good time into an uncomfortable, itchy ... Read More »
Here are ways to help your child make friends and adapt to moving to new surrounds: Visit the surroundings As soon as convenient, let your kids get acquainted. Go to the local library, park, school, Boys and Girls Clubs, Teen center, American youth soccer organization (AYSO) soccer club, pool facilities. Take your child for a visit to ... Read More »

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