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Does anyone here have Glaucoma?
Posted on 11/18/11, 09:36 am
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Reminder: This is a support group for Glaucoma. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

You may also create your own Member Groups where you can moderate the discussion.
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Reply #31 - 01/13/12  2:49pm
" Oh and you can't prove it and never have. And your mother wears army boots. "
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Reply #32 - 01/14/12  3:13am
" Yes, but you CAN prove that "western medicine" fails. "
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Reply #33 - 01/16/12  9:57am
" Polemic arguments aren't effective. Everything and everyone known fail. Your comment is not germane. It didn't even make sense. "
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Reply #34 - 01/18/12  9:12am
" Hi youall, I've been unable to sign in for a few weeks. But I'm back.
Keep up the good work Barry.
We don't want people to think carrot juice is a cure all. Any veggie juice is good for the body but does not cure anything.

Dee "
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Reply #35 - 01/18/12  9:35am
" What are you so afraid of??? That there could actually be some hope?? Or do you work for the drug pushers? "
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Reply #36 - 01/18/12  11:20am
" Yes, I'm afraid and a pusher... "
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Reply #37 - 01/21/12  11:09am
" This video explains why clinical studies are only done on pharmacutical drugs. "
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Reply #38 - 01/21/12  12:09pm
" This explains a lot. You’re high! You need to go to Narc-a-non! I knew a guy who was always seeing snakes swallowing the room while he took acid.

Very poorly edited audio in that video. The maker must have been stoned... "
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Reply #39 - 01/21/12  6:42pm
" Seriously, though. Just taking a casual look around, there's no clinical evidence to suggest pot cures cancer, though the marijuana lobby is all for trying (bags of Doritos in hand...far out, man).

Who could have guessed that carrots and carrot juice were gateway drugs and led to REEFER MADNESS! "
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Reply #40 - 02/04/12  10:34am
" Just a note, from a doctor, on your precious clinical evidence

Rampant fraud in medical research

I spend a lot of time pointing out bogus research and outright fraud -- and if you think I'm exaggerating, just take a look at the latest survey out of the U.K.

Thirteen percent of scientists and doctors have witnessed research fraud -- including doctored data and complete fabrications -- and six percent say they're aware of misconduct that was never investigated.

And those are just the ones who'll admit to it.

In other words, the survey in BMJ shows that researchers are making stuff up -- and they're getting away with it, too.

Of course, there would be much less fraud to go around if these witnesses spent less time answering surveys and more time blowing the whistle -- but they won't, because most of them are terrified it'll ruin their careers.

And who knows -- more than a few are probably taking notes and learning how to do it themselves. Think about that next time you're given a new med backed by supposedly rock-solid research.

I'll have more -- a lot more -- on research lies tomorrow. Watch your inbox.

True to you,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D. "

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