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Does anyone here have Glaucoma?
Posted on 11/18/11, 09:36 am
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Reminder: This is a support group for Glaucoma. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #11 - 11/22/11  5:28pm
" They are working well. The only side efftect is dry eyes at times and then I use systane. I always have questions and I want them answered thoroughly. I don't want to be comforted or told I will be fixed-I just want explicit answers as to why and how, etc.
I had to change my doc once cause the office people did'nt respond when I called with a bad reaction to some drops I was prescribed. I called several times and then just gave up and went elsewhere. "
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Reply #12 - 11/23/11  4:28am
" Where's Elmer? He is at his eye doctor's office hoping to get something that will improve his eyesight enough to hit anything with his scatter gun. The lumigan hasn't done it.

Checkout Barry's post in the Macular degeneration group-AREDS 2 Study discussion. "
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Reply #13 - 11/24/11  3:10pm
" JJ, you are tooo funny keep up the humor We need it sometimes.

Walker, I'm glad your drops are working for you. My present eye Dr. answers all my questions in full. I am pleased to have found him.
I had my right eye lasered yesterday, no problems. The pressure started to drop before I left the office.
I will know in four weeks if the laser holds the pressure down.

Dee "
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Reply #14 - 11/26/11  6:53pm
" Missd; You hit the nail on the head with your comment on 11-22. "Glaucoma can be controlled with drops." There in lies the problem with "western medicine" I am unwilling to SETTLE for control. I want cures!!! Western medicine only tries to control the symptoms and bilk money out of you. I read a post, in this group, by a 40 year old man that was using 10 prescription eye drops daily. At an average of $60 per script plus 2 Dr visits a year at $150ea, that would add up to $225,000 over 30 years (in todays dollars). I sure hope he has good insurance. "
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Reply #15 - 11/27/11  9:34am
" JJ,
I wish there were a cure, I also have afib for which there is no cure.
I just do the best I can, study the internet, this site and use what I can to keep me alive and comfortable.
I feel the more I know the better I can take care of myself and make informed descions for myself.

Dee "
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Reply #16 - 11/27/11  10:34pm
" JJ, you'll never receive a cure while listening to the likes of Kevin Trudeau. Do you know how much money naturopaths this country make? The vitamin industry alone is a $25 billion dollar per year industry with no proof that it helps anyone. Listen instead to Western Doctors. They’re accredited, fully educated and use real science and concrete results and studies. Besides, everyone flocks here because of the success rate achieved by practitioners of Western medicine (yeah!). The premiere of Canada came here for his heart surgery, and big fat king Abdullah from Arabia had surgery here in New York. There simply isn't a cure for everything, especially not from the likes of Kevin Trudeau, who is making a veritable fortune bilking people out of money and giving nothing in return. Give the Western doctors time. They're young, but going strong and achieving results.
Incidentally, you haven't produced any proof that your naturopathic hokum can cure anything. Do you intend doing that any time ever? "
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Reply #17 - 12/02/11  2:07am
" Bary: You keep saying that I am not living proof that natural cures work. You say that the other people, that have said that carrot juice helped them, is not proof. MAYBE you should look up the definition of "clinical study".
The United States is the largest economy in the world. We spend spend over 17% of our GNP (not including vitamins, supplents, and food) on 'western medicine". We spend twice as much, per capita, as any other developed country. What do we get for that much money?? Our "quality of health" is below countries that we make fun of as being 3rd world, backwards, and underdeveloped.

You say that the vitamin industry alone is a 25 billion dollar industry. The H1N1 vaccine netted the grug pushers over 2 billion dollars AND there is proof that it does NOT work. More than half of the DOCTORS and nurses, in a study in California, refused the vaccine even when it was made a requirement of their employment.

Gardasil is being pushed on young girls, even though it has killed 68. Others got blood clots, seizures, and Guillian-Barre Syndrome. There is proof that is has NO effect on 87% of the HPV viruses. But, the drug companies were not making enough money on it so they got approved for boys.

So, western medicine? No thanks. I'd rather eat a few extra carrots, drink a little carrot juice, eat more blackberries and blueberries, and avoid the poisons in the food supply, than worry about going blind.
Can you say that you don't worry about going blind????? I can!!! "
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Reply #18 - 12/02/11  2:21am
" And Tredeau was just where I started. He did wrap up a sales pitch for natural cures in an easy to find package. I am way past that now. I even found the info, diagnosed my wife's allergy, and came up with a treatment that prevents a life threatening (anaphalactic) reaction. Her doctor could not diagnose it. She just gave her some Prilosec. "
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Reply #19 - 12/02/11  9:31am
" JJ, you must be very old by now..LOL Tredeau had a few good points in his books. And I'm glad you went looking further into other methods for your wife.
Not all things work for all people. Everyone is different and respones differently to different methods.
We have to let people know that not all Dr.s are right and neither are you. We have to search and find out what works for us [without killing
ourselves] using common sense. Use this stie and search the internet.

Dee "
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Reply #20 - 12/02/11  4:16pm
" Nice cheap shot, JJ. I'm already legally blind. You're an ass. "

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