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I was recently diagnosed with Gastritis and have been having difficulty finding out what foods are okay to eat and what is not. Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated- as I have been ill, due to other complications, since Halloween and am still continuing to lose weight.

Here are the things I have tried that seem to work. If you have better recommendations though, please let me know.
Salmon, salted and baked
White Rice
White Bread
Filtered Water
Saltines, low
I have also tried fat free dairy items, but am mildly lactose intolerant so it has been hit and miss.

I know to avoid fats, onions, garlic, beans, tomatoes and anything spicy. I have not tried whole grains yet, because I am afraid it will cause me pain or nausea. I am on a prozole and am taking an anti-nausea medication when I have no other choice. The treatment seems to be working, as I tried prevacid and prilosec which temporarily helped, then stopped. Any dietary advice though would be greatly appreciated.
Posted on 01/25/10, 09:53 pm
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Reply #11 - 01/31/10  10:08am
" Here is what works for me:

-Toast with a little jam
-Cantaloupe (a ittle more acidic than bananas but better than other fruits)
-Hot chamomille tea
-Coconut water
-Plain pasta or rice
-Low fat crackers
-Plain yogurt
-Steamed or boiled vegetables (I especially like beets, because they have iron and I'm vegetarian)
-Low fat ricotta cheese (when you're not so bad, good for protein) "
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Reply #12 - 02/01/10  11:09am
" Sounds like you need to see a gastrologist and get an endoscopy done and see whats going on down in there. I had bile reflux and acid reflux. Your symptoms sound alot like them, maybe you hae a hiatal hernia also.

Best bet get that endoscopy done and no more guess around.
Nexium didnt work for me, I had to go to aciphex but other problems now.

Google GERD or acid reflux and read about it. or join their group. "
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Reply #13 - 02/01/10  6:57pm
" Thanks for the advice DDntn. I have had a scope done already and it is Gastritis. Since recently adding Carafate into my daily routine, things have been going pretty well. Though I am still tentative about what I eat, I find that sticking to simple foods really is working best for me. "
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Reply #14 - 02/11/10  2:57pm
" Yeah.... my doctor also told me that my scope showed "mild Gastritis". I went to see a GI specialist and he informed me that that was no big deal.... That just about everyone has mild gastritis. He had be get a "Hida Scan" done... which was normal.My GI stated that what I have could be just "Functional Pain"...... a pain that is unexplainable, because every test,bloodwork,x-rays..have all come back normal.... which is a good thing I guess. I've started to bring other foods back in.. and even though they hurt, it's not as bad as it was when all this started(the week of x-mas). Like other posts that I've read..... I have good days and bad days. It wouldjust be nice to know why I have those bad days. "
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Reply #15 - 02/28/10  11:31am
" Time for an update. Here is what I have found that works, since first starting this board.

Bananas are heaven. They work great for a quick, easy on the stomach breakfast. Especially when paired with a piece of white, curtless toast and a small smear a sugar free grape jelly (go light).

Lunch consists mostly of a half package of fat-free saltines ( I wish that the low salt option worked, but the fat content is higher), smeared with three small wedges of laughing cow Light original swiss cheese. I recommend, if trying this cheese, that you slowly work you tolerance up before grabbing three wedges to start off with. Just to make sure it will sit well with you.

Dinner, for the most part, is microwaved, boiled or baked potatoes with a small dash of low-sodium salt (I heard sea salt is better for you, but have not been brave enough to try it yet) and some type of protein. We have a local restaurant that makes a mahi-mahi sandwich that is baked (not in butter). I request it with low-seasoning, paper towel it to remove grease before eating and this sits really well with my stomach. I also found that baked salmon is still a good alternative, though because of the fat content, it is a once in awhile thing. Steamed carrots (fresh) or frozen round out a good solid meal. On occasion, I will also eat a plain low-fat bagel (half) toasted, with a small amount of fat-free cream cheese. Another protein option is a single BOCA sausage, microwaved and paper-towel pressed to remove extra oils. It sits well somedays, but not always. And one a day is my limit.

Rice is still touch and go and I gave up branching out too much into trying new things, since my desire to let my stomach heal greatly outweighs my desire to eat less-bland food. I do have some carrot juice, that I heard may help and was thinking of skinning and baking some apple chips (no seasoning) but am still waiting for a courage to try. There is a recipe I found for potato soap that may work, but again, it all has to be tried at the right time, when my stomach feels at its best.

Between the restricted diet and taking my medicine on a regular schedule, I have gotten 2/3 of my energy back, am constantly hungry again, have not been in pain for three weeks and have stopped losing weight. I am not gaining either, but after dropping 45 pounds, I am happy that the physical side-effects have slowed. I have two more weeks of medicine and then a visit with my GP but I have hope that there is going to be an end in sight soon. For now though, I am happy to just be able to eat again. =) "
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Reply #16 - 02/28/10  3:45pm
" My list keeps changing. For a while these were the only foods my stomach wouldn't freak out over:
Sweet Potato
(I ate them all plain, and ate them separately from each other, sometimes I would top with Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Now my diet has changed because I was just diagnosed with gastroparesis so I can no longer eat fiber:
Short Grain Rice (overcooked, congee style)
Homemade Yogurt (I am lactose intolerant so I bought my own yogurt maker - I use live probiotics and incubate it for a full 24 hours to be sure that the bacteria eat all of the lactose. I use 3 cups of non-homogenized whole milk and 1 cup of non-homogenized half and half.)
Rice Milk
Earth's Best Baby Food rice cereal - mix 4 TBSP with 4 oz Rice mllk
Potato Flakes - I cook them with rice milk & add a teaspoon of Flax oil
Gelatin, rice milk, honey, and a baby food veggie / canned veggie such as sweet potatoes or canned pumpkin
Rice pudding made from overcooked rice, rice milk, and honey
Mac and cheese made from rice pasta, rice milk, and farmer's cheese.
Farmer's cheese/Dry cottage cheese is low in lactose and the only cheese I can handle. I have to read the label to be sure that it's cultured because these days most companies use artifiical ingredients instead of cultures, so therefore most cottage cheese is still high in lactose.
You can make lactose free cheese by making your own lactose free yogurt and then making yogurt cheese out of it.
Sans Gluten Cracklebred (Ingredients, rice, corn, cane sugar, salt)
I make smoothies from the rice milk and homemade yogurt. Some ingredients I may add include: lactose-free whey protein, 1 tsp honey, piece of frozen papaya, 1 tsp olive oil.
Chicken, organic, boiled, pureed. I eat it plain or with crackers or with 1 tsp honey or with some farmer's cheese.
Pumpkin soup: canned pumpkin with rice milk, when boiling add potato flakes to thicken. optional add mixture to boiling carrots, or when finished cooking stir in some whey protein. "
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Reply #17 - 02/28/10  3:49pm
" I forgot to mention that it's important to add new foods very slowly such as a teaspoon or 2 oz depending on if you are talking about honey (tsp) or rice milk (2oz). Only introduce one new food per day. And have the same amount two days in a row to see if you get any effects from it. Then on the third day you can introduce a new food. Good luck. "
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Reply #18 - 04/08/10  12:02am
" So happy to have wandered across this group. I was just diagnosed with gastritis a week ago but have been sick for months, and trying to find food I can eat has become a bit of an insane journey. So far, I've been ok with these foods:

-whole wheat breads
-soyogurt with lemon curd mixed in for flavoring
-gluten and dairy free shortbread cookies
-black forest gummy bears/worms
-peanut butter
-cheese quesadilla with corn tortillas
-chicken soup
-lemonade italian ice

Its definitely taking some getting used to...it still feels a bit as though someone took all the foods I like to eat and said "nope!", and I've never really been one to religiously read labels. Not a fan, but its a lesser evil than a horribly sick stomach I suppose. "
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Reply #19 - 04/08/10  7:33am
" Thanks for adding your post. It is a long road ahead of you but hopefully in time, things will get better.

Check the labels on everything. For me, key issues were anything with citrus (or acidic), anything spiced (cinnamon, peppers, etc), anything raw or anything that had over 5 grams of fat (that is why peanut butter was off my list until recently).

I am happy to say though that after months of working on this, I am finally doing much better. I am slowly adding foods back in. Last night, I ate sushi for the first time in six months. And boy, the wait was really worth it =) "
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Reply #20 - 04/08/10  12:05pm
" Salmon, salted and baked - salt isn't healthy
White Rice - brown rice
White Bread - whole grain brain
Bananas - apples
Filtered Water - always good
Saltines, low - salt isn't healthy "

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