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Juice fast to heal gastritis?
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I was diagnosed with "mild gastritis" via an endoscopy about three weeks ago. Since then I've been taking prevacid and zantac. My symptoms are pain in the upper abdominal area, and feeling full quickly. The medication seems to help somewhat, although I know the gastritis has not healed...I actually find that taking 30 mg of prevacid is too strong - it seems to stop all acid production and food seems to be more difficult to digest. Has anyone else experienced this with their use of prevacid?

Now I am also looking into alternative treatments and have read that a juice fast might give the digestive system a chance to heal on its own. Has anyone tried this with results? I guess my main concern is that I have lost some weight with my stomach bothering me lately, and I don't want to lose more with a juice fast especially if it's not going to work!

Any comments on your experiences would be very helpful. Thanks!!
Posted on 02/08/09, 09:37 pm
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Reply #1 - 02/09/09  12:57pm
" i, too, am taking prevacid for my has helped me, i also did a juice/water fast for a day (didnt make the 2 days that were suggested only cuz i was just too hungry) anyway, i noticed a big difference in my stomach. what i ended up doing was taking my prevacid in a.m. eat breakfast, then fast rest of day...i have also heard alot about manuka honey, i actually ordered some and have it but have not used it yet...try staying with plenty of fuit, fruit juice, yogurt, cottage cheese, applesauce, if you can get homemade whole wheat bread, that kind of stuff...thats what i have been living off of and it has helped my stomach alot. drink plenty of water, but now with your meals wait 30 min or so after you eat to drink this is suppose to help stomach digest food faster..i was diagnosed with mild gastritis a month ago also and my stomach has finally stopped feeling like sandpaper burn inside...give it time and dont rush into trying to eat anything or drink anything that would make it feel worse "
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Reply #2 - 02/09/09  3:35pm
" my case,i must take prevacid 2 times a day..before breakfast and before between i drink aloe juice..if it was up to me i would drink the drink,not taking prevacid...sometime the drug makes me nausea...Nick... "
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Reply #3 - 02/09/09  4:22pm
" Thanks for your replies! This is the first time I've used this forum and am glad to get the advice others with this problem. It is actually quite frustrating because I had expected the gastritis to clear up much more quickly. I think I might try the juice fast this weekend then.

Deebrady, I'm wondering if you have been eating anything else other than you what listed - meats, raw veggies and how your stomach reacts to it. "
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Reply #4 - 02/09/09  5:38pm
" Does anyone else feel that by taking any gastritis medicaion: Prevacid, Nexium or Protonix, the abnominal burning actually gets worse? That's how I feel after taking Nexium 40 mg. I've been on Nexium/Protonix for about 10 weeks now but do not feel that much relief, although my only symptom is minor abnominal burning. I've completely changed my diet by not drinking coffee, alcohol or fruit juices and have stopped eating tomato based food. "
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Reply #5 - 02/11/09  2:40pm
" baked chicken and baked turkey, i stay away from the lunchmeat though, the nitrates or preservatives irritate my stomach..but with the poultry, i buy a hen or a whole turkey, bake it and put portions in freezer to make quick sandwiches or casseroles out of, even just to munch recipe i found that is good is to take some chicken, boneless skinless chicken breast or some that you baked from a whole hen, mix with 1 cup brown rice, one can chicken broth add a pich or two of parsley and bake in oven til chicken and rice are done...very good and makes you feel like you are eating a "real" meal...cooked peas carrots, green beans are good they dont bother my stomach unless i put too much butter or salt on them..i have found cooking with chicken broth adds loads of flavor without the irritants of other flavorings..for a "sweet" treat i froze applejuice to make a slushie..i just now added salad back into my diet..romaine lettuce, baby spinach, cucumbers, carrots broccoli and just a little ranch to give flavor..i tried olive oil with lemon juice..not great..i try to stay away from red meat..unless its deer meat from the deer my brother killed this hunting season- they are naturally lean. i dont like the flavor of redmeat much and its too hard for stomach to digest thing i do in the mornings when i wake up is to drink warm water with the juice of half a fresh squeezed lemon and a teaspoon or more of local honey...i read it on internet that it wud help, i guess it does, my stomach has gotten better since ive been doing it, tho dont know if its just that or time to allow stomach to heal (along with tons of prayers from my friends and family)it does help with my coffee "fix" tho..i used to be a huge coffee drinker maybe one day soon i will try a cup but i am in no hurry to have a relapse of the burning sandpaper in my stomach again..try to stay away from white bread, white rice, anything with white flour or bleached flour, its not good for you anyway,its been stripped of everything vitally important from the original wheat berry and just because it says enriched, dont buy it. they take out like 30 different important items from the wheat berry and "add" iron and such to make it nutritional...its a scam. if you can grind your own wheat from wheat berries to make your own flour, then use that flour to make everything you normally would with regular flour..highly beneficial to your body as a whole..i heard coconut water was good but i havent tried it tho, kind of expensive.if you have any other questions feel free to ask..i am learning alot as i go too..i tend to stay on the caution side dont like the pain in gut so i try not to push it with food "
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Reply #6 - 02/14/09  9:03am
" achou,
did you try the juice fast? "
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Reply #7 - 02/16/09  8:53am
" I did a juice fast for one day last week. I made juices that contained a mixture of carrots, cabbage, cucumber, celery, ginger, aloe juice, apple. I think I had about six juices that day. It did seem to help as my stomach has been feeling better since then. I wish I could have done it for three days, but was concerned about losing too much weight. But I definitely think if weight is not a concern then it is worth a try because it gives your body nutrients without the burden of having to digest for a few days. Also, these juices are said to be "alkaline" which helps to return your stomach's pH. I used a couple of different books including "the juice lady's guide to juicing for health" by cherie calbom. "

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