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soy milk
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i was wondering if soy milk caused anybody problems. i had it with my breakfast this morning and had acid refulx about an hour afterwards and i dont know whether it was the soy milk which caused it
thanks lily xx
Posted on 05/14/11, 08:11 am
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Reply #1 - 05/14/11  11:03am
" Soy milk is a soy bean based product so it may cause a reaction. You will probably want to look into trying rice milk or almond milk as an alternative. It also may have to due with sugar, so check the package to see how much is in it. That can cause a negative reaction also. "
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Reply #2 - 05/14/11  8:04pm
" I'm sure everyone is different with this one. I can't eat black beans or baked beans... but I'm able to eat green beans and soy milk without much issue. In fact, I've replaced regular milk with soy milk for most of my gastritis spell.

I've also had almond milk and rice milk without any issues, but remember those don't have protein.

I'd try a small amount first, and see how you do. Just don't try any other "new" food that day, so you're sure if that was it or not.

The other option is to just do like Raven said and try an alternative.. and just supplement with a little protein powder every day. Try to find one without any sweeteners at all if you can. Health food stores should have some.

Good luck! "
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Reply #3 - 05/18/11  7:17pm
" HI all. almond milk should have protein as nuts are a protein food. Is it removed in the process of making the milk?
I can't stomach soy producuts except traces of flour in breads etc. SOy beans are hard to digest so for us can be a nightmare. SOme like Bryan can manage them which is great.
Cas "
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Reply #4 - 12/15/11  12:01am
" I know this is an old thread at this point, but had something to add.

A number of weeks ago on the advice of a dietician (who I dumped), I started on soy milk and soy yogurt. After about a week I started getting terrible abdominal cramps - and stopped the soy immediately. I was mostly better after a couple of days.

I checked with my gastro today, and she confirmed that this is a well-known side-effect with those kinds of products.

Note that I'm fine with tofu, edamame, soy sauce (low sodium), etc. "
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Reply #5 - 12/15/11  8:49pm
" I don't like the taste of soy milk. Whats almond milk like? I know that almonds are good for reflux,suposed to be. Whats rice milk like? Do they help with inflammation? Ive got goats milk its not very tasty but ok. I don't know if its helped. Ive been having worse symptoms lately. "
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Reply #6 - 12/15/11  10:39pm
" Coconut milk is good, too.
As far as almond milk and rice milk, I like them okay, but prefer the vanilla soy milk. I think you need to develop a taste for these 'other' milks. "
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Reply #7 - 12/16/11  5:07pm
" I used to have rice milk and loved it, it has a slightly sweeter taste and thought it was quite similar to having skimmed cows milk. I havent had it since though because I thought white rice for gastritis was a big no-no therefore so would the rice milk? Am confused on that, anyone clear that up for me?

Have bought some almond milk recently but havent tried any yet as I've been eating so little. Its on the pricey side - £3.15 for 1 litre! "
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Reply #8 - 12/16/11  5:28pm
" I've seen posts here where people had problems with white rice, but I found that very surprising. Normally, white rice is quite digestible. Personally, I eat it often and don't have problems with it. "
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Reply #9 - 12/17/11  12:34am
" Nothing I've seen has said white rice is generally a problem with gastritis. Also, from my personal experience I've done just great with rice at all times.

There's a caveat here - rice milk and white rice are not the same thing, just like tofu and soy milk are not the same thing. I'd suggest doing some research on whether people have trouble with rice milk.

I only raise this because though I do well with tofu, edamame, soy sauce, etc., I had terrible problems with soy milk and soy yogurt. When I later asked my gastro, she said that it was very common for soy milk and soy yogurt to cause those kinds of issues. "
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Reply #10 - 12/17/11  8:52am
" Rice was an issue for several of us- but as everyone is different, it is very possible that it may be non-inflammatory for others. It may also depend on the rice itself and where it comes from. (Many in the states use acid as a preservative). I believe you can find the rice comments included in the "Dietary Assistance" thread.

As for soy milk, rice milk and almond milk- I use the rice milk for cooking, the almond milk for drinking (vanilla unsweetened) and stay away from the soy (as I am allergic to both soy and lactose). To find what works best for you, sometimes it is best to experiment a little. Good luck and happy healing! "

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