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Pain medication for Gastritis?
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Could someone please help me, I am in a lot of pain with my Gastritis for the past three days my stomach lining has flared up again. What medications are used to treat Gastritis. I am on 40mg of Dexillant and my Gastroenternologist told me to take Pepto Bismol for stomach relief, however it does not help with the Gastritis. However what medication can be taken for pain management related to Gastritis?

I would greatly appreciate any advice.
Thank You, Maradeur1978
Posted on 04/09/12, 10:50 am
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Reply #1 - 04/09/12  1:13pm
" Try to go natural instead of relying on pain meds--Ginger--crystalized Some use Ginger Tea.

The crystalized Ginger is what helps me when I am in pain. "
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Reply #2 - 04/09/12  5:39pm
" Hi Ive not tried ginger,maybe I should give it a go. Mine too has flared up the past couple of days. Saturday was a good day but its bad again. I had a coffee and shouldn,t have done. When Im in bad pain I take Tramodol and paracetamol. The doctor also put me on Amitryptaline. I even take Diazepam to get to sleep. It is not ideal and I hate all these meds. I try to only take them before bed. I would be glad if the gastritis went away and then I wouldn,t take any pain meds. I take Sucralfate to line my stomach. Some days are ok but Im getting bad flare ups. If it doesn,t hurt I give the pain meds a miss. Its best not to get dependant on them. "
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Reply #3 - 04/10/12  4:04am
" A heated pad or hot water bottle can work wonders.

I have avoided taking any pain medication, but find pepto bismol soothing. Also natural yoghurt. Also for some reason maple syrup! "
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Reply #4 - 04/19/12  7:02pm
" Nothing helps mine when it flares up it does so for hours. Ive got Amitryptaline. Im not sure what it does but I can take up to 3 a day at night. Ive took some slippery elm too and some Redbush tea. Also Omega 3 is suposed to be good for inflammation either take cod liver oil or flaxseed. Im mnot sure if its any good,we will have to keep trying stuff. "
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Reply #5 - 05/04/12  5:39pm
" Hi Maradeur how are you doing now? What pain meds did you find to help you? Ive been told to take two Pantoprazoles a day,Tramodol,paracetamol and now Mirtazapine. Ive put a heat pad on my back and it can be used for the stomach. I hope your doing better. "
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Reply #6 - 05/05/12  5:05am
" for pain i take 30mg of codine "

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