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Question for those with PCOS
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Okay, you've been warned... Question for those w/a diagnosis of PCOS:

Any of you have constant bleeding right after surgery? My doc put me on bcp a few months before surgery & all was great until I read that I needed to stop all bcp prior to surgery. I started bleeding the day before my surgery & haven't stopped yet, and it's been just over 3 months. While this may sound unpleasant, my record is 8 months & 2 weeks straight & we're not going into that. It was NOT a good time!

I spoke w/my 'lady doctor' about the issue, and she said that it's not uncommon for such things to happen after bariatric surgery, as w/the rapid fat loss, the hormone levels go kinda screwy. I also finally got a diagnosis of PCOS as well; have literally every symptom in the book for it, but my last few docs wouldn't even consider it as a diagnosis, and simply said I was "just fat" and loose weight or they couldn't help me.

But, I'm curious, for those of you in similar situations, did your hormones ever even out? How long did it take? I mean, I'm not hemorrhaging right now or anything, but still, it's an annoyance I'd rather do without! My doc says there's not much that can be done for it until the hormone levels "level themselves out," but she did give me monthly chewable bcp, as she knows we have issues w/absorbing pills. Did anyone find something that worked for them?
Posted on 05/09/13, 05:54 am
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Reply #1 - 05/09/13  8:24am
" I have pcos and bleed from the day after my surgery til about 4 in a half months out then i would bleed about onfe a week for two days for a month im on the bc shot and hadnt had a period for about five years before my surgery. It could be from the blood thinners they give you in the hospital. Thats what my gyn. Said. Good luck "
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Reply #2 - 05/09/13  9:00am
" Ah, I'm between 3 & 4 mos out. I've been considering switching to the shots, but honestly, I just want it to stop! It was being regulated decently w/the pills, but I went off them like a day or 2 before surgery (I misread the instructions about stopping them, oops!) and it's been like this since then... "
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Reply #3 - 05/09/13  9:59am
" I have PCOS hut just had surgery. I havent started bleeding yet but I'm glad I read this so I dont get worried when it happens. "
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Reply #4 - 05/09/13  11:16am
" Yikes! I have PCOS too and hadn't heard about this yet. I do remember when I first started taking BCPs after not having my period for several years and the heavy bleeding continued for weeks as my utuerus was cleaning out all the lining that had been built up over all that time. Whenever I stop taking my BCPs my period just stops happening again though - Geex I hope I don't bleed for MONTHS after my surgery!! How miserable! :( "

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