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Hi everyone! If anyone has a link to information about the grams of protein that the body can digest and use at one time, would you please post it? There has been chatter about this since I've been a member of this forum. I can't seem to find anything to back up the claims. Inquiring mind wants to know! :)

Blessings to all,
Posted on 02/20/13, 11:25 am
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Reply #11 - 02/20/13  6:12pm
" Hi Spotz, I would love to know exactly what is in your decaf vanilla protein coffee with 23 grams. Does it have any artifical sweetener, and if so, do you think it would work with stevia? It wouldn great! Kim "
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Reply #12 - 02/20/13  7:51pm
" Hi Kim! I use Dunkin' Donuts Decaf. Put 1 scoop vanilla bean truffle Syntrax Nectar in the coffee cup. Add just a couple of tablespoons of the coffee and stir like crazy to get the lumps out. Sort of like mixing corn starch and water to thicken gravy. Slowly add more coffee and keep stirring until your cup is full. I find that I don't need any additional sweetener. Stevia is my sugar substitute of choice. It does have a tendency to clump, so if you wanted really sweet coffee, I think I would put it in the cup with the protein powder then proceed as above. The Nectar is sweetened with Splenda. Only one protein powder I know of the is sweetened with Stevia and that would be the Jay Robb brand. Kinda pricey, but good! Should work in the coffee using the same technique.

I've used diet Swiss Miss cocoa mixed with protein powder, then added very warm water like the coffee to make protein cocoa too.

Spotz "
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Reply #13 - 02/20/13  9:11pm
" I don't agree, in fact I think your nail problem is a sign of too much protein, as the doctor had mentioned some side effects when I asked, but I dont want to upset you about it.

I just I think others on the site should be aware that there is a real danger with taking too much protein. Usually as a Bypass patient we are worried about getting enough in not about taking too much, but too much can be bad as well as getting too little. One only has to look at the effects of the Atkins diet when patients were overdoing it on Protein. "
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Reply #14 - 02/21/13  1:21pm
" Thanks Spotz...I am going to check on the Jay Robb brand and give it a try. Have a good day! Kim "
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Reply #15 - 02/21/13  3:08pm
" Man! My nails are thin and peeling too! I'm going to increase my protein and see if that helps.... :) "
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Reply #16 - 02/21/13  3:27pm
" Spotz- I have a follow up appt with my NUT today and will ask her. I'll post tomorrow. Kathy "
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Reply #17 - 02/21/13  3:40pm
" Hi Spotz,
I'm going off subject here. Have you had your plastic surgery done? I'm getting ready to set up my consultation.
Shelley :o) "
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Reply #18 - 02/21/13  9:09pm
" The formula for figuring out your protein needs is pretty much 1-1.5 grams per kilogram of IDEAL body weight...example...150lb =60 kg if you are a 5'5" female your ideal body weight is somewhere around 60kg. therefore your protein intake should be 60-90g/day. This is a calculation we use when figuring out protein calorie needs for ICU patients - bodies under tremendous stress...the higher the stressors the closer you should be to 1.5g. You can indeed take in too much protein...especially if you are not an elite athlete with high muscle mass...kidneys are sensitive to protein overload. As always - ask your NUT or surgeon what their recommendations are and try to stay as close as possible. Hope this is helpful. "
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Reply #19 - 02/21/13  9:27pm
" @Shelly...5 weeks from today I'm leaving, surgery on March 29. Very calm for now, just a bit excited. My lab work is scheduled for this coming Wednesday. It's been a bigger thing for me than the RNY was for some strange reason I've yet to discover! I'm prepared, I think! I know what to expect and what the complications could be. Looking to be back to work around May 13 if healing is uneventful.

Thanks for asking!
Spotz "

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