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HELP! Hair Loss
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I've been experiecing hair loss. My locks mean so much to me. I must admit that I was off of my daily vitamin routine,drinking some protein shakes, taking multi-vitamins,calcuim caltrate and B-12 shots and missing a few days in between. As of yesterday, I've begun a Biotin regament. I've heard my hair will grow back but when? Any other advice. HELP! I don't want to go bald.:(
Posted on 01/20/13, 12:05 pm
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Reply #11 - 01/22/13  11:16am
" My hair started falling out like clockwork rigth at 3 months. My hair was on the thinner side to begin with and it is starting to make me nervous. I used to blow dry and use a curling iron, now I just blow dry, but I guess I will stop that too. I bought a shampoo that is supposed to thicken you hair, haven't noticed any difference. I have always kept my hair pretty short so I think my thinning is more noticable than if I had long hair. Hoping it stops soon before I have to get a wig!! "
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Reply #12 - 01/22/13  12:00pm
" Nothing you do will help really. Make sure to get your protein in and vitamins. Mine started at 3 months post op and stopped at about 6 months post op. I started taking Biotin 4 months before I even had sleeve surgery. The hair loss is due to not getting enough protein in right before surgery and after surgery for like a week. I also bought special shampoo and it still came out. I have thick hair so that is good. You won't go bald and it will grow back. Just part of having surgery and also WLS! Hang in there! "
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Reply #13 - 01/22/13  3:04pm
" I am a few weeks short of my 5 month mark and I am having the same hair loss issues. I know it is part of the process but when you see your hair coming out like this it is so upsetting to say the least. Thanks everyone for responding to feefee's post it has helped me too. "
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Reply #14 - 01/22/13  3:14pm
" I've noticed some hair loss as well. I started using Nioxin shampoo and was told by the hair stylist that I need to massage it into my scalp for a few minutes not use nails but massage and while it may not prevent the falling it, it could lessen it and make the new hair grow back healthy as well. "
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Reply #15 - 01/22/13  6:44pm
" I'm 11 months out and I'm still losing hair. Take your vitimans I also use Nixion shampoo "

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