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Head stuff... Making a list~
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Hello all,

I am creating a list of things to do to replace eating and I would love to have your input.

I have so far:
> Take a walk
> Take a bath
> Do my homework! (I am a UO (duck) student!)
> Spend time in my own head
> Read a book
> Come here to DS
> Call a friend
> ?????

My second questions is this... What did you find to be your biggest hurdle to overcome head wise during this process, before and after surgery?

Thanks! I am trying to have a game plan with as much info in it as I can!
Posted on 01/18/13, 06:31 pm
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Reply #11 - 01/19/13  12:09pm
" becca it really DOES get easier over time...everythibg you thought you might not like about the surgery becomes the norm!

todd "
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Reply #12 - 01/19/13  4:25pm
" One of the hardest things for me to do was to separate eating from other activities. I used to eat while I read the paper. I ate while I watched TV.

Pre-GBS, I read Geneen Roth's book "Breaking free from Emotional Eating" and put her principles into place. She talked about "mindful" eating...when you eat, focus on just eating. Sit at the table, chew/thoroughly taste each attention to how it feels and how your body feels eating it. Pay attention to when you are "satisfied" and stop eating at that point. Honestly, I got bored eating.

You are gonna rock this thing!

JJ "
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Reply #13 - 01/19/13  10:18pm
" I decided to make jewelry, new hobby...get to shop for all the neat and new things...craft stores sell all crafts, no food isles...AND, I spent so much time on all that fun stuff and spent countless hours creating beautiful earrings, necklaces and bracelets...I started selling them at I have this collection thats out of this world! it did get expensive, but at least I can see what ive bought as oppose to knowing I shopped for food and ate it all! hope this helps :) "
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Reply #14 - 01/19/13  11:27pm
" My husband thinks I'm crazy, but I bought myself a puppy! I have surgery in about 3 weeks. She is a great distraction. I had to quit smoking :( and had a "wake" last night with my friends. The "wake" was for beer. We are all beer lovers! lol The puppy will also get me up and moving. She is very energetic and needs walks and attention.

I am trying not to obsess too much about the "after" anymore. I am taking my life back and will adress the issues as they come at me. I know I can handle them! I will never be this large again! Try not to worry too much! "

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