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Starting 2 week liquid diet
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My surgery date is Feb. 5th for GBS. I start my liquid diet next tuesday the 22nd. I am kinda feeling like I have to get in my " last meal" of things I like. I look at some things like I can never have thim again, but I know that is the point. I am ready for this, been waiting a long time....a little worried about how hungry I might get on the pre op liquid diet. Any advice for me the newbie?
Posted on 01/18/13, 10:15 am
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Reminder: This is a support group for Gastric Bypass Surgery. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 01/18/13  10:29am
" Spoiler Alert, being honest here
On my pre - op diet I was allowed a lite dinner
Did not pig, let me make that clear
But did have my favs I won't ever have again, ever
Like a clam roll . Went to a great place, shared it, salad instead of fries
Slowly enjoyed it, made my peace and said goodbye
Did this with a few others too
Still lost what I needed to
Might not be the right thing to do, but was right for me
Just sayin
Good luck:) "
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Reply #2 - 01/18/13  10:54am
" I start my pre op full liquid diet on 1/24 and have my surgery on 2/4 and I am eating all my favoriate foods now and saying goodby to those foods also and resturants me and my husband go to on a regular basis. I think that this is normal. "
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Reply #3 - 01/19/13  9:28am
" Thank you ladies for your feedback! "
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Reply #4 - 01/19/13  10:39am
" I know its hard, but try not to think about what you CAN'T HAVE, and instead think of what you CAN HAVE...for me, all I kept thinking was I can not have beer, I can not have wine, I can not have all those sugary treats that were clearly killing day I changed my mind and said I CAN HAVE MY LIFE BACK!! and it has NOT BEEN EASY...but as of this morning, I have lost 100 pounds!!!! stay strong, you CAN DO THIS!! I am 4 months post op. "
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Reply #5 - 01/19/13  11:55am
" How exciting and I'm sure a bit scary!! Just think, you've already begun your new life! Yeah, the big move will be surgery day, but it truly has already begun! I think that is true for all of us who have taken the first step towards surgery. Mine is still 6 months out, but my journey begun (In my mind) when I went to the info session.... "
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Reply #6 - 01/19/13  12:59pm
" laurie brings up a good point...about what you can and cannot for able to eat everything i ate before my surgery 5 years ago....with the exception of sugars..i mean throw the crust out or give it to the dogs lol...burgers, fry's kfc, tacos...all of it....we just have SMALLER portions...and even occasionally i will eat half of a krispy creme when someone brings them to the problems with that..this isnt hell...its a lifestyle change, at least for me, to eat SMALLER portions you absolutely are NOT gonna be able to eat a half a pizza or 10 tacos or the fact that RNY'ers works!! if i might address the booze thing...and remember EVERYONES DIFFERENT...but for me...was/am able to drink beer, wine, whiskey...i waited however for about a year(personal choice) before i started drinking after surgery...and up until 5 weeks ago i drank beer..had to quit because i was recently diag'ed with AFIB...but remember booze hits you much faster than if and when in the future you wanna have the occasional drink..make sure how it affects YOU!..IM SORRY I GO ON AND ON Y'ALL...tell me to shut up anytime ok? trying to give you all the info i can about my journey!


todd "
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Reply #7 - 01/19/13  1:25pm
" My surgery date is Feb 15th and I start a 3 week liquid diet on the 25th. I started to make up a list of foods I wanted to say "goodbye" to and was so surprised to find there was only one (kfc) that I really wanted to try. Shopping yesterday I seen a cream horn and decided I really needed to have one but surprised that the tastedid not appeal to me (other than the cherry on top lol) Glad to find others felt the need to say goodbye to certain foods. Bye the way didn't get the KFC and the closest one is 45 min from my home. "
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Reply #8 - 01/19/13  1:26pm
" I am preop too and wonder the same... I have made much better choices with food to prep myself for my RNY. I cut out most of the crap, switched white bread for whole grain, counting calories (using my fitness pal app as everyone suggested here on DS). I allow myself to cheat here and there. Good luck with your preop diet. "
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Reply #9 - 01/19/13  1:34pm
" i eat kfc about once every 2 weeks or so..and the mashed potato's and gravy...its ok...dont deprive yourself or you will be miserable...we dont absorb most of the fat...the chicken of course is a great wont be able to eat the whole chicken of course...but a wing and thigh or leg...its surprising what you WONT HAVE TO GIVE UP!..well in the early months yes...but after that you should find you aint missin nuttin!

todd "
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Reply #10 - 01/25/13  12:31am
" Thanks for all the replys...just keep talking give great advice! "

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