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Had my Surgery 1986 Giving some advice
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Hi all newbees,
Congrats on your decision on taking control of your weight. I am glad I had my Surgery but there is a lifestyle change I have to make for the rest of my life due to this surgery. Here are a list of things I have found out and learned along the way. These are my experiences on this weight loss journey I have had since my GB Surgery. 27 years ago! I had my GB Surgery December of 1986 I lost 140 pounds. This does not reflect everyones experience I am just sharing my experience take what helps you and leave the rest. :) If I can help one person it is worth it! Enjoy the journey and never look back!
#1 At least for me! Never, Never, Never Drink Liquids with your meals. You have to ask yourself do I want to keep this food in my stomach or do I want to throw it back up after I eat. If you drink liquids with your meals you will get sick shortly afterwards. Your stomach is only so big now. Drink your liquids before you eat or 2 or 3 hours after you eat. This is permanent at least for me it is. That has been my experience even to this day.

#2 Always eat slowly

#3 Please Stop , Stop, Stop when you are full if you don't you will Dump it out soon after and that is no fun. Meaning if you over eat you will get sick! Remember Your stomach holds 1/4 to 1/2 cup of food now. Listen to your stomach!
#4 Certain Meats I was able to tolerate before my surgery I can no longer tolerate. (EX Chicken, Certain Beef)I learned to love a light fish.

#5 Sweets of any kind will have you in the bathroom hugging the toilet soon after you eat them. Especially after a meal. This has been my experience so I now eat my dessert first. LOL

#6 Alcohol is not well tolerated once you have had GB Surgery One or two drinks can get you buzzed. 3 can get you drunk! If you are not careful Alcohol could replace eating for you and you could become an Alcoholic. Please be careful with this one! :)(EX: I have a friend who had GB Surgery and became an Alcoholic and lost her children due to it.)

#8 No matter how long ago you have had your GB Surgery your stomach is still small and that means your portions are to be small.

#9 Learn to like Fruits, Vegtables, Salads I have I love them now! But even now there are some that are too heavy for my stomach to tolerate. My favorite greens is spinach. It is very very easy on the stomach.

#10 Take a Multi Vitamin

#11 Drink Protein Drinks as much as you can tolerate. Drink them Slowly.

#12 Begin to enjoy exercise! Walking is the best exercise of all :)

#13 Do not drink Coke, Pepsi, or High Sugar Drinks they are just wasted caleries! Yes they can put the weight back on you after a GB surgery if you are not careful. (EX> I had a friend who had GB Surgery and was doing fine for a few years then started drinking Pepsi all the time and gained her weight back. Then she tried to say that the surgery does not work.) HMMMM I wonder Why!!!!!

#14 You can enjoy the same foods others eat just in severe moderation! :)

#15 Do not get discouraged if you hit a Plateu We all do If you continue doing what you know to do The weight will continue to drop. You will have them but do not get discouraged They happen to all dieters.

#16 This has been a hard one for me and a learning experience as well! Pot Lucks, Buffett's, Holiday parties, Family Gatherings with lots of food! I almost have it down packed now. A teaspoon of this a teaspoon of that here a little there a little and stop when you are full! LOL sometimes not even a teaspoon. A bite of this a bite of that and you are full in no time!

Enjoy the journey into weight loss! It worked for me for 27 years. I have had my ups and downs the most I gained back in the 27 years since my GB Surgery is 30 pounds. I am now only 10 pounds away from where I was when I lost all my weight. My goal this year is to get the ten pounds off!

Enjoy Shopping! Going to the Beach! Going Places you would never have gone to while you were overweight! Take Pictures of yourself during your journey into a new you!

God Bless each and everyone of you!
Posted on 01/03/13, 12:58 am
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Reply #21 - 01/08/13  2:59am
" as for the GB surgery the Dr. said they clamp off the large intestine and stomach to 1/4 cup serving and redirect the food to go to the small intestine. I still do not know what RNY stands for? What does it stand for? "
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Reply #22 - 01/08/13  8:24am
" super great advise thanks "
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Reply #23 - 01/08/13  9:11am
" RNY stands for Roux-en-Y. It is the name of the man who developed it (Roux) and the formation of the intestines after surgery (Y formation).

I read that some of the old bypass surgeries removed the portion of the stomach that was disconnected when making the pouch. That would be more like the sleeve today. RNY maintains the rest of the stomach to feed stomach acid and other digestive juices into the intestines. It can also be used for a reversal or "tak-down" procedure.

I have never heard of any bypass surgery that involves the large intestine. Do you have a link to a website? I'd love to read more about it. "
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Reply #24 - 01/08/13  2:11pm
" Thank you so much for the post and sharing. It is always so encouraging and inspirational to hear from the "veterans" and getting you input and advice. I wish you continued success on your journey! "
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Reply #25 - 01/08/13  4:56pm
" Thanks for sharing!! And it is great advise!!!!! Congrats on your success!! "

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