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I have Classic Galactosemia, and I have spent years compiling my favorite milk free recipes. After I graduated from college, I decided to put these recipes together in a cookbook, then I filled it with beautiful photographs and called it, Not a Drop of Milk… (or Soy). It is now available on Amazon! (See endorsement and review below)
Here's the link:
The book contains the milk free recipes that I enjoyed throughout my childhood including recipes for ice cream, custards, cakes, breads, “creamy” soups, and many other dishes - none of which contain either milk or soy products.
The ice cream recipes are almond milk based, and are as good as any premium milk based ice cream on the market. I have recipes in the book for custard, flan, pastry cream and pudding that are truly astounding. I know, because I have lived without milk products my entire life that these are often categories of foods that people with Galactosemia have to live without. My goal was to create recipes within these traditionally off-limit categories that are as good, if not better than, the milk based dishes that I am replicating. My recipes are unique because not only are they delicious, but they also make a beautiful presentation.
My primary goal in writing this book was to be able to share these recipes with others who have had to “do without” as I know how hard it can be to have to say, “No thanks, I can't have any…” when what you really want to say is, “Yes, please!”
I believe others with Galactosemia, as well as their parents and friends, will enjoy my book and its wonderful milk and soy free recipes. Please check out the book on Amazon and if anyone is interested in buying ten or more copies, please email me and I can give you a bulk-discounted price. I hope you and your families will enjoy my recipes!
Kristin Reilly

David Paolella, CEO of Cambrooke Foods, LLC a company which is dedicated to helping people with metabolic disorders has endorsed Not Drop of Milk…(or Soy) and posted a review in his newsletter which is sent to metabolic dieticians around the country.

NEW recipe book for galactosemic patients that you may like to review and add to your clinic library.

We had the opportunity to review Not a Drop of Milk…(or Soy) a cookbook written for galactosemic patients by an adult patient with galactosemia. It is colorful, inspirational, and contains a wonderful collection of recipes that are free of milk/dairy products and soy.

Now available on

David Paolella, CEO
Cambrooke Foods, LLC
Posted on 11/02/10, 05:39 pm
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