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I've been having strange symptoms... lots and lots of air... then I can feel the pressure from the air inside and it gets me extremely anxious and has been leading to anxiety attacks.

I try forcing myself to "burp" to release the air which seems to help though sometimes is somewhat difficult.

When it's happening it feels like I can feel my heart beating right up in my chest.... I don't know... it's strange and hard to explain. My doctor told me to try some ranitidine....

Any advice from anyone that is familiar with any of this.... please help out. I'm just trying not to get so anxious over it all...
Posted on 02/28/12, 06:01 pm
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Reply #1 - 02/28/12  8:03pm
" Hi Kenneth1229
long have you had these symptoms for?. I was told I had gastritis (inflmmation of the stomach) for a year with lots of pain but my endoscopy showed nothing. Some people say its all in my head and some say I might have acid reflux thats not showing on the endoscopy. Anyway my point is try the ranitidine if it doesnt do anything for you I would highly recommend an endoscopy to rule out any GI issues. If you've been under alot of stress lately it can happen sometimes too. i remember sometime last year I had an anxiety attack I was under alot of stress, I started having chest pains and i felt like my heart was about to get out of my chest.
I hope my answer helped you and I am sure you will be feeling better soon. "
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Reply #2 - 03/02/12  1:15am
" i have always had a difficult time burping.Try sitting very striaght and rocking slightly from side to side. THis will intensify the feeling, but after a while I usually burp, several times. I agree an endo seems called for, they are not too bad. I slept through mine and sleepiness was the only side effect
Zantac is a pretty mild treatment, so you may not notice to much help
Good luck...
It doesn't sound like a heart problem, BUT if you worry that it is go to the ER...better safe than sorry. "

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