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Has anyone got GERD symptoms under control?
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Im so tired and am not getting much sleep. I have awful pain,bloating and a feeling like something is stuck in my oesophaghus. It hurts so bad on flare ups. I have a hiatus hernia and sometimes get acid refluxing up. The worse is the pain and I can't swallow properly when I get this. Ive already cut out chocolate,coffee,tomatoes and don't drink or smoke. It has definately been getting worse with more pain. Im fed up. Ive got gastritis too and can be in agony. Has anyone got this under control? How did you cope? My meds don't work and Aloe vera didn't work either. I need some way of getting this under control. Thanks for any advice.
Posted on 12/15/11, 07:57 pm
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Reply #1 - 03/13/12  3:34am
" I take dexilant in the morning 60mg, and ranitidine in the evening 150mg. I had tried Prilosec, protonix and one other before I my doctor suggested this one.
Also, try sleeping in a recliner or tilt the bed up in some way.
I do not have the stuck in your throat feeling..
I think you may need to go to a gastoenterologist

Hoping you find help "
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Reply #2 - 03/13/12  10:40am
" I quit meds as they are counter productive as you actually need acid to process food and retain vitamins and minerals. Your body isn't producing enough thus the stomach muscle opens at improper times. I take a good probiotic, digestive enzymes with each meal, bragg apple cider vinegar, and watch my foods. I would check in with a chiropractor or natural path. They have helped me so much. Best to you! "
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Reply #3 - 03/15/12  12:38pm
" If what feels stuck, feels like heartburn, I found that watermelon makes me burp really well. Also, sounds strange, but eating an apple also helps get rid of heartburn. Worth a try. HOpe you feel better soon. "

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