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GERD and gastritis
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Has anyone got any advice on what I should do? Well I want some support really even if you can't help much. I stopped my PPI for a ph monitoring test. My stomach has just gone crazy. I had acid reflux before the test and pain. I have been doing the test today and the tube made me sick. I have been having acid reflux bad and got awful pain. I need to get back on my medication and watch my diet. I don't know what will happen now as it depends on the machine showing up the acid reflux. Then its surgery. Has anyone had this surgery and how did it go? I can't go on like this with this acid reflux and pain. Im not having this test ever again,its awful. Thanks
Posted on 12/06/11, 06:14 pm
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Reply #1 - 12/08/11  5:43pm
" Hi well the pain is just so bad today and reflux still. I went to the docotors and he thinks its all the GERD. He told me to double my medication and to take 4 spoons of Gaviscon in between. Has anyone else got bad GERD? I don't know what to do Im so worried about it. Has anyone got any advice? "
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Reply #2 - 12/10/11  7:53pm
" So sorry for all of your pain. I have GERD, gastritis, esophagitis, and hiatal hernia. I take a PPI med Pantoprazole (generic Protonix). If my GERD gets really bad I take either a 150 or 300 mg generic Zanac. I noticed whenever I try to go off the PPI I have tremendous pain from the GERD. And then when i go back on it, it takes a week or two before I am back to feeling normal. That is probably what happened to you going off them for the pH test. So you may have to stick it out with your PPI and zantac. Gaviscon made me feel worse. So if that isn't helping try Maalox or Zantac.

I have not had the surgery and would be afraid to. I have read good and bad surgeriy stories. How long have you been dealing with the GERD and gastritis? Have you tried different PPI's?

Are you back to eating a GERD friendly diet since the pH test? When i tried to go off the Pantoprazole it made my gastritis really bad so I had to do a strict GERD friendly diet for a couple of weeks.

I hope your pain goes away and you feel better soon:) "
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Reply #3 - 12/11/11  6:04pm
" Hi worrytoomuch thanks for your help. Well my symptoms can settle down for a day and flare up the next day. Im in bad pain now. It can start off in a morning with bloating and soreness,also feeling like something is stuck. It then gets worse through the day as I try to eat. It feels like the lining of my stomach is being ripped up. Is yours like this. I haven,t stuck to a GERD friendly diet,no but will have to. What do you eat and drink? Please give me any ideas to copy,if you can. I agree that coming off the Protonix has made my gastritis and GERD worse. The doctor thinks this so now Im on two tablets a day,with Gaviscon inbetween. I had a bad reaction to Zantac so Im not sure about it now. Ive been on different PPIs like Lansoprazole,not sure what its called in America. They didn,t do much so now Im on these. Ive also tried Omeprazole in the past and still had acid come up. Im scared of the surgery but this is quite bad so I may have to opt for it,if suggested. Ive had gastritis for maybe two years. It started off as oesophaghitis then I was diagnosed with both. Another endoscope then showed a hiatus hernia. Its the past three months or so that it seems to flare up worse. Maybe I haven't got on the right diet yet. "
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Reply #4 - 12/29/11  7:56pm
" Well I won't be getting the surgery as the test didn't show it bad enough. I have reflux so I don't know why it didn't show. Ive got bad pain too. It looks like I will have to try some natural remedies. I don't know what to do now. It just seems worse some days. Im fed up. Gaviscon doesn't help me much. Im still on Pantoprazole. "
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Reply #5 - 12/31/11  2:36pm
" Hi Poorlygirl

I suffered with GERD on and off for last 2-3 years. It feels like shooting pains up into both sides of chest and feels as though I have a large potato stuck in my throat. I am in UK and my GP prescribed me metaclopramide. This has been an absolute godsend. It started to work wothin a couple of days and once I fel symotom free I was able to withdraw from these tabets, but now and then feel the grumbling pain in the background so take a tablet quickly and it goes away. I hope this mediaction is availabke for you as it really works. "

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