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On ph monitoring test
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Has anyone had the ph monitoring test recently? Im due to have it on Tuesday and Im dreading it. Im in a lot of pain again with my gastritis and have had reflux the other day. Im scared that it won,t show the reflux I have and Im just fed up of suffering. I don,t want an op but would have it if it will help. If the hiatus hernia is causing me pain then I want it sorting out, I think its the gastritis though. Has anyone got any ideas how to calm my stomach down now. I really don,t know how Im going to get through. Please pray it will go ok whatever the results. Thanks
Posted on 12/04/11, 08:13 pm
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Reply #1 - 12/14/11  10:49pm
" I just had the test two weeks ago. How did it go for you? "
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Reply #2 - 12/15/11  7:31pm
" Hi innocence well the test was absolutely terrible. I had to be there for it in the afternoon. I found the oesophagheal mammotry horrible,I was gagging. When I had the tube in I had pain and it made me sick. I also had some reflux two or three times. The pain was worse and it pulled on my nose. I was alone all night with it and called a doc as I was in so much pain. The doc couldn't do anything. I was glad to get it out but Ive been getting loads of pain since. I hope the gastro considers the op as I can't go on like this,its so painful. I can't even eat properly when it flares up. Ive got to wait about 3 weeks for the test results. How did you get on? What symptoms have you got? Do you have a hiatus hernia? "

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