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Recommendation: Blackstrap Molasses
  Added by: lostsoul0987   
I have used this for past 3 months. It has really almost cured the acid reflux. Its called Blackstap Molasses, you have to get it from a health food store. It will work better than nexium and prolesic and all that other mess combined!

Its a black thick all natural sryup, its not tasty but it works. I took two teaspoons of it everday from a 16oz bottle. When I get bouts of it occasinally it hardly bothers me because it doesnt burn like it use too. I dont have problems before bed, I can eat before I go to bed, I dont have to stop eating 3 hours before bed, I eat what I want, but some spicey things that are way to hot for me to eat I wont. Nauturally somethings will burn the h*** out of you, even if you dont have acid reflux. I certainaly dont get it bad where I would throw up literally.

Please give it try it works it, plus I want someone else to tell me did it work for them also.

Like all of you guys I went to the acid reflux doc, he didnt help. Plus I was diagonoised with a hital hernia where the stomach slides up a bit plus gastrisis too. I tried all of that over the counter it didnt help!

best wishes

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Reply #1 - 04/26/07  5:41pm
" there are 2 things i take chewable dgl licorice root and guacatonga the licorice root coats the stomach and the guacatonga reduces acid i almost forgot i also take digestive enzymes i had heartburn 24/7 for 2 years no dr could help hugs charlene "
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Reply #2 - 10/24/08  5:58pm
" Hello lostsoul0987,
I just had my husband get some organic black strap molasses today. I will start to take it as you reoommend, 2 tsp every day. How long did it take before you saw any positive results.
I pray it works. I have GERD so bad there are days I don't want to get out of bed.
SisterB "
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Reply #3 - 10/24/08  6:39pm
" Hi SisterB its me lostsoul0987, i had to get a new id because of identity theft probs. Anyway its so strange you found my post, I hardly check into the Gerd support and I made a mistake a clicked on it tryin to click on another one of my support groups. I felt no one really care about what I had to say so I just never said much in this discussion anymore. I noticed improvements within days and in a week. I dont know about for anyone else but it really worked good. You must refridgrate it, it must remain cold or it will not work. Somethin about how it must be thick to make it work better. Im not sayin it will make ur systems vanish you will still have it but, it just like my post it said dramtically changed my life. I just hate it taste so nasty but I get over it because within mintuies my acid clears up as soon as I take my 2 teaspoons. I notice my acid doesnt burn like it use too and if it does it doesnt lingure around and the blackstrap works within mintues. Who knows you may need to repeat during the day. I dont know others may need more. Sometimes you must take it everyday, now I dont take it as often like I use too. I hope it works and please let me know. "
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Reply #4 - 10/24/08  6:49pm
" it must be unsulptured blackstrap molasses... if its not then it may not work and may not be the 100 percent blackstrap, this stuff is naturual pure natural... i dont understand what unsulptured means, i think it means it hasnt been altered or chemical touched... yeah i meant to say earlier... "
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Reply #5 - 10/28/08  7:58pm
" Hello lostsoul,

I started taking the black strap molasses today. This stuff is so thick it takes forever to pour from the bottle. If I put it in the refrigerator as you suggest I won't be able to pour it at all.
It boggles my mind as to why the company would put this thick gooey stuff in a bottle with a tiny little 1 inch opening. The company name is Plantation. What is the name of the manufacturer of the Molasses you are using. I really hope it helps. Thanks again for sharing. "
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Reply #6 - 10/29/08  2:07am
" We used to have molasses for our animals when I lived on a farm so I used to stick my finger in all the time and eat it. Recently I started drinking molasses again and found it was/is the only hot drink I can stomach (besides hot water and squeezed lemon.)

If anyone finds it a bit hard to swallow because of the taste, try putting some natural honey in it. If you use golden honey make sure you only put a little bit in cause it can over-power the drink with sweetness (and may aggravate the GERD.)

So it works for me too. =) "

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