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Growing out of peanut allergy?
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Has anybody grown out of a peanut allergy or known of someone who has? Doctors say that my son (2 1/2) will probably grow out of most of his allergies but the peanut allergy sticks 80% of the time. Are there any 20% ers out there? At what age did you grow out of it?
Posted on 05/08/08, 06:20 am
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Reminder: This is a support group for Food Allergies. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 02/11/09  9:39pm
" I, too, am curious about that. My daughter tested high for peanut allergy on her blood work. So far she has grown out of her soy and egg white allergy. Her daycare provider thought that I meant that she had outgrown out of her peanut allergy as well and gave her a peanut butter sandwich yesterday. I just about strangled her. I gave her Zyrtec the night before for her seasonal allergies so I think that protected her from reacting. Now I'm wondering if she even has an actual peanut allergy because Zyrtec does not prevent anaphylaxis. Her doctor isn't hopeful that she will outgrow it and won't do a skin prick or food challenge until she is 5. I have done some research that suggests that the 20% that do grow out of their allergy depend on what score they received on their lab work (5 and below is good) and if they were diagnosed at a young age (meaning you have a better chance if you are younger). The research also stated that there are probably a lot of people that have outgrown their allergy, but they don't know because they have never challenged it to find out. I am hopeful that she could be one of the lucky few. Let me know if you find anything else out and I will as well. Good Luck! "
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Reply #2 - 03/03/09  12:14pm
" hey, i have had severe nut and peanut allergies since i was 5. i feel for your kids, its tough and thats the number ive always heard, only 20% outgrow them. i recently went to a specialist and i went to get bloodwork tests, i was tested for about 20 things as im allergic to every type of nut as well as most seafood and shellfish. when your kids are old enough id for sure go and see a specialist, the way i understand it, its a 3 step process to see if youve outgrown it, first is bloodwork, second is the skin test and if you pass both you do "challenge" which is bein monitored at a hospital and trying it. i know you guys probably know most of this but yeah. only other thing i can say is always have them keep an epi pen handy as they get older! i know people who have allergies and they never have it with them and its so dangerous and make sure those epi pens are never expired and they are never left in extreme heat or cold, hope any of this helped at all "
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Reply #3 - 03/04/09  5:39pm
" I always wonder when it comes to peanuts, is it the peanut or the very common problem of aflatoxins that grow on peanuts with regularity. Any peanut butter that tastes a little OFF is probably infected. Aflatoxins destroy the liver. "
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Reply #4 - 03/16/09  5:23pm
" Leafs, I am curious...had you been exposed to peanuts and other nuts before the age of 5 and not had a reaction? Have you had skin tests as well as blookwork tests? My daughter is only 11 months old and we did skin tests on her and she has severe peanut and egg allergies already. It makes me wonder if she has a better chance of actually growing out of them since we found out so young, or if it really just a luck of the draw type of tihng. My daughter just recently had an anaphylactic reaction to something she ate the other week and it doesn't appear to be eggs or peanuts, so now I fear she has even more allergies. "
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Reply #5 - 03/16/09  8:09pm
" my mom didnt feed me peanut butter when i was realllly young but i was able to eat it up until the age of 5. i was also allergic to eggs but i outgrew that allergy, from what ive heard most kids outgrow that allergy. i had the first step of tests done about 6 months ago, i got some blood work done and was tested for 25 things! i still need to go back and get the skin tests done. "
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Reply #6 - 03/17/09  4:28pm
" Sorry for the 20 questions, but at what age did you outgrow the egg allergy? Has it been hard growing up with all of these food allergies? I worry about how I am going to be able to let my daughter do all of the normal things kids do with her allergies. Right now I am fretting over her first birthday cake, since she can't have eggs (although it is very easy to replace them) and I am waiting on more blood test results to make sure she isn't allergic to wheat, oat, soy, and sesame. "
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Reply #7 - 03/17/09  5:48pm
" no worries ask away, i dont mind at all. i dont remember when i outgrew my egg allergy but i think it was after i was 5. yeah it was tough growing up with it, especially in school because i would always go home for lunch in case people had peanut butter sandwiches around me. nowadays a lot of schools dont allow peanut butter or nuts so thats a start. i was brought up to be extra cautious with everything i eat so i am still hesitant to try anything new and i need to do my research. i know my mother went to meetings about allergies and she recieves monthly newsletters that will tell members about any foods that are now unsafe or safe. there are books you can get, websites to join and so on. i hope your daughter does outgrow her allergies, just always read ingediants, call the manufacturer with any questions, always ask questions at restaurents and make sure her epi pens are with her at all times, if you ever have any questions ill try to help "
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Reply #8 - 11/27/12  11:20pm
" Hi. Im brie. Im 22 years old. I was diagnosed with a Peanut Allergy when I was 12. I never had any issues with peanuts before. I had eaten them until the allergy developed. I had delt with the issue for 10 years. Hives, swelling in my throat. I actually had to get my tonsils and adnoids removed because the swelling wouldnt go down in my throat. It was a hard constant battle! I had resently got allergy tested again. Im not allergic to peanuts anymore! Its actually an immune system deficiency. The doctor put me on 4000 units of vitiman D a day, and it has really made all the difference in the world! Guys dont give up hope-Because it is possible for the allergy to leave over time. "
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Reply #9 - 02/16/14  7:02am
" well i dont think anyone ever does my partner has a peanut allergy which covers lentils and peas crazy as i tell ya. it effects everything he does. "
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Reply #10 - 02/16/14  7:04am
" he has that since birth he is now 29. "

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