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What motivates you? 
3 By koolman
12:02 pm
***MOVING ONWARD! 4/20-4/26...*Bal... 
1 By 2Bfit
7:33 am
Changing my workouts 
4 By 2Bfit
***MOVING ONWARD! 4/16-4/23 *Enjoy* 
12 By 2Bfit
Yoga Team 
2 By Facing50
Insanity Workout 
3 By 2Bfit
Am I too old?? 
17 By 2Bfit
Is there interest in a Weekly Thread? 
13 By 2Bfit
***MOVING ONWARD! 4/9-4/15 *UMPH* 
14 By koolman
5 By koolman
New Member!! 
1 By 2Bfit
Self Disciplined 
6 By koolman
***Moving Onward! 4/2-4/9 
17 By Mandoman
Thinking Through a Plan 
11 By 2Bfit
protein shakes 
6 By seasilver

Fitness Goals Information

This community is dedicated to group support around achieving fitness goals, whatever they may be, through personal training, athletic activites, or other strenuous activity.

Health Blogs

As the saying goes, “age is just a number.” So true! Because when it comes to your health, your calendar age doesn’t mean as much as your RealAge® – the biological age of your body. Find out your RealAge – and make that number even ... Read More »
If you’re at risk for type 2 diabetes or have a family history of the disease, there’s a silver lining. According to the American Diabetes Association, ... Read More »
Give your body what it needs to adapt (e.g. exercise, nutritional support, and a good night’s sleep), check in with your body to see what leaves you feeling the best overall, and then get on with enjoying life! Patients who love life seem to stay healthier, and even do well if they get sick. This seems to work much better than worrying over ... Read More »

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Therapeutic Recreation Specialist,
Challenge Aspen
Aaron Snyder
Nutrition and Diabetes Blogger
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Diet and Fitness Blogger

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