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Financial Challenges Information

This community is for people who are struggling to meet financial obligations of any kind. Financial challenges include everything from the day-to-day challenges of making ends meet to managing credit card debt to bankruptcy.

Health Blogs

An interesting study, named the American Express “LifeTwist” study, explores what Americans believe are the most important and valuable components of their life. Despite the May 2013 Economist magazine article citing that “Money can indeed buy happiness,” more Americans are identifying happiness and success in ways that do not ... Read More »
There seems to be an entire generation of young adults that would just as soon leave off the word “adult” in their descriptor. Those individuals who came of age right around the year 2000, otherwise known as Millennials, are truly struggling to find their way out in the big world. There are a number of reasons for this phenomenon, which ... Read More »
Not a day goes by without someone asking me what my thoughts are on the state of healthcare here in the U.S. And the tone of my response is to keep it rather bland as frankly, I’d rather not start a full-on political discussion about healthcare, and in particular, pediatric healthcare during office hours. But since I am asked on a daily ... Read More »

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