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Monday June 27, 2016

Funny Stories

  • Work! Work and More Work!

    Saturday, August 17, 2013 | A Funny story

    Good Afternoon Ta Ya!  Yay, I doing some housework this afternoon...or at least trying too.  Just finished cleaning the kitchen and getting ready to start vacuuming.  The lady above is more like it!  I can only do so much without my back starting to ache.  But I thought I'd get as much done as I could. 
    Sure wish we had any type of lawn mower.  Goin...

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  • My husband and I, because of snoring and I guess just generally sleeping better, sleep separately and have for years. 
    He has very strict rules concerning his mornings.
    1. I cannot arise before 6 a.m.
    2. If I should awaken prior to  this time, I am to use the upstairs bathroom as Mother Nature often calls upon awakening and he doesn't want to be awakened. (NOTE: Should he awaken prior t...

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  • The person who told me this said I should lead a more exciting, risk taking kind of life and kick it up a notch!!...Like becoming a librarian, or an exciting career such as punching in numbers all day as a statistical analyst. And maybe even consider exploring things like musical theater, fine art museums, antiquing, and learn how to tell the difference bet...

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