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In Category: Off Topic Posts
Have pinched nerve in neck, would like shares
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I recently was diagnosed with a pinched nerve in c5.I have been having lins and needles and like my arms are asleep for the past few days.Funny, I really didn't have those symptoms when I was told lhis past week , when I was asked if I had such symptoms.
I am scared and would like to hear from anyone who has had this experience and find out if this is a bad sign?
Thanks Ross
Posted on 06/17/13, 02:00 am
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Reply #1 - 06/17/13  10:22pm
" bump) "
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Reply #2 - 06/18/13  2:16pm
" I lifted my grandson up last week then started having shampoo pains and 4 days later tingling in my hand. Extemely bad arm pain but I know fibro makes our pains worse.

I just weny to neuro today and he gave me a methyl prednisone pack I started today. I have had prednisone years ago and it didn't help fibro pain but ths us different since u have sharp pains shooting down my arms.

I have to get a ct,scan done and nerve study. I can't take things like loratab or anything with
Acetominephine in it.

Excuse m iPad mistakes but pain level,s high in right arm and patients non existence .

Do they have you in physical therapy yet? I googled punch nerve and it gave me alot of info. I am getting ready to go o you tube and see what they suggest in PT for pinched nerve in neck.

I been using heat them ce it seems to help the most.

What does your dr have you taking and doing?

Just remember fibro magnifies our pain. "
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Reply #3 - 06/18/13  11:37pm
" I'm sorry that you're going through so much.I have already had2 mos. of physical therapy when my dr suggested I see a neurosurgeon .He suggested not getting surgery.Which I didn't want anyway.I have been taking non addictive muscle relaxers,when needed,mobic and recently picked up the prescription for prednisone,when I noticed the tingling and such in my arms.I also contacted Dr.Arnone on ALLEXPERTS.COM and he responded back and I sent him my MRI and I liked his feedback and am considering what he talked about.A non invasive treatment.You might want to look at it yourself.The questions are free and he was very nice and knowledgeable.
I will say a prayer for you.Remember me too if you don't mind...
Ross "
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Reply #4 - 07/12/13  1:35pm
" I have Spondylosis of the cervical spine. As a result I have pinched nerves and stenosis involving my C2-C5 vertebrae, and two other levels down the length of my spine. The Nerologist I was referred to for this did not even consent to talk to me. He sent a message to my Rheumatologist, who had her nurse tell me over the phone, only after I called to find out what I should do next, that my condition was inoperable.

I was experiencing severe pain in my shoulder, down the back of my right arm, down to my elbow, and pins and needle numbing in my hands and fingers. It was impossible for me to find a comfortable position even to sleep, I completely lost my ability to type or sit at my computer. It hurt all the time. For this I was put on Gabapintin. It took such a long time before it relieved any pain, but it finally did work.

However, because of the side-effects I started looking for something else. I found out that R-Lipioic Acid was a natural alternative that many had sucessfully used in place of Gabapintin, and an additional benefit of using it is that unlike Gabapintin, R-Lipioc Acid is known to actually repair some nerve damage. So I found a manufacturer (Genceutic Naturals) and supplier (Vitamin Shoppe) I trusted, and using the suggest dosage (300mg one or 2 times a day) and after tappering off of the Gabapintin I started the R-Lipoic Acid.

It started working so much faster than the Gabapintin and has proved to be so much more effective for me, and completely without side effects.

I continue to take it to address my pinced nerve issues and it works great. I am not cured but I am able to type minimally, sit at my computer for short periods if I want to, and I able to find comfortable positions to sleep without experiencing the numbing and tingling.

Hope this helps. "

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