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Can't Seem To Get Warm
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I can't get warm. It's like the coldness is coming from the inside out and no matter how many blankets I pull over me or the fact that I have booties and gloves on, I'm shivering.

Could this be a side effect of coming down off Savella? I didn't find it written anywhere but was wondering if anyone else noticed this happened to them when they went off. I know of another hand full of people that tried it and went off.

I'm drinking a lot of hot tea but that only warms me until it's gone and then I have to pee three times. lol

Anyone else every experience this? Is this fibro too? I mean, I've been cold before but never noticed it coming inside out.

Posted on 11/03/09, 12:36 am
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Reply #21 - 11/05/09  3:00pm
" I definitely think that what I'm feeling is because of coming off Savella; although I have been tapering off and did not go off it completely. I still have another two weeks of minimal dosage of Savella and then start the Cymbalta. And I am feeling better as each day passes as far as the shakes and coldness go. Even my hot flashes didn't ease that! lol Very weird feeling--now I know why I didn't--or don't--abuse drugs.

Thanks for everyone's help! A lot of good suggestions for keeping warm. I do need to get some of those heated hand warmers though. "
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Reply #22 - 11/07/09  12:07pm
" you know, i'd never thought of coldness being anything other than the fibro...

I have the same problem as a lot of other pepople, I get so cold I feel like I am going to freeze to death!! I have found a few things which help... might help you in your withdrawal too...

1. Booty slippers... furry ones from Marks and Spencers (for anyone in the UK they are PerUna ones £18 - a gift from my mum) They come half way up your calf..mmmm.

2. Leggins... big trend in the UK so you can get them everywhere. Thicker than tights so they are so much warmer under your jeans, pajamas etc

3. A big Hoodie, bigger the better.. you can pull it on over everything

4. A hot water bottle.. obviously! I take it to meetings and everything.. fortunatley my friends understand!!

5. Fingerless mittens which have the pullover bit to turn them into mittens when you're not driving

6. Pashmina warn as a scalf, nice look with some big ear rings :)

7. UGGS.. the real ones if they're in your budget.. sheep skin lined- so warm

8. Knee length socks (Marks and Spencer again)

9. Thermal long vest tops which tuck in to your attractive!!! Stops you getting the "hipster jeans gap".. not nice

10. Think warm thoughts!!! I don't know, on some level I think psychi helps!!!

xx "
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Reply #23 - 11/07/09  12:14pm
" Shakes getting a lot better but still have that cold feeling; treated myself to a nice soft chenille sweater with a hood and long sleeves to cover my hands and I love it! Also keep my feet covered with booties--even in bed. Didn't notice this coldness before--swear it's coming from the inside out. "
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Reply #24 - 11/07/09  4:02pm
" Hot baths work best for me. They seem to warm my whole body at an evan temp.

I have a thick warm robe that I wear around the house and an electric heating blanket to sleep with. "
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Reply #25 - 11/07/09  7:10pm
" try a really hot bath. I find that submerging my self in hot water usually warms me up... hope this feeling passes soon "
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Reply #26 - 11/07/09  9:45pm
" just got some fleece high socks with soles. make me plenty warm. got them from catalogue, footsmart. also got shoulder thing that you put in the microwave, heat it up, and wear it around neck and shoulders, where i hurt the most some nights. wearing it right now. also from footsmart. get what you need, poor kid, to be cold is too awful. "

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