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Pain & Poor Posture..
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Admit it...Most of us here are guilty of this...Poor Posture.

Tho this may Not be the Origins of alot of our chronic Pain develops we tend to "Curl in on Ourselves"...this in Turn causes More issues...sometimes Severe Issues.

Recently I have been having "Left Buttock Pain" was Like someone was "Sprinkling Pain onto my Butt Cheek !! WEIRD !! but I could tell it was Nerve Pain...I had been standing, Peeling potatoes..Talkin on the phone to my sister...head kinked to hold the phone...body misaligned to compensate..when it was WoW...Intense "Sprinkling of Pain"...I Immediately stood straight..and the Pain backed off...Hmmmph.

I have had Intense Neck & back of Head pain...shoulder blade Pain while sitting at this STUPID Desk Top...tho I TRY real hard to ensure that I am in fact remaining straight...I soon let my guard down...then I get what my Dr. calls.."Occipital Neuralgia" is Like a Severe Tightening {Very Painful} right in the back of my Skull...Awww...I am sitting with my Head Forward again...Geeeeeeeezus.

I have to sit Correctly ALL the Time...or I Immediately FEEL the Nerve Affected by my Poor Posture...I NEVER used to bee THIS Damn Sensitive to it !! My Mom used to make us girls walk around with Books on our heads Teach us Good Posture...If the Book falls your gonna have Trouble !! Now...some 40 Years later...perhaps only some 30 years..{!!} I Now know Exactly what she was Talking about !!

when Sitting Keep your Ears above your shoulders, Shoulders RELAXED...keep your Shoulders above your Hips..DO NOT allow your Body to Slouch AT ALL !!

Roll your Shoulders periodically...Stand, raise your Arms above your Head...Stretch !! Hug ur self several Times a day !! while hugging self turn in each direction as far as COMFORTABLY Possible...Stretch !!

If ur having some {Minor} back Pain..Stand with your feet Slightly parted...but still UNDER ur Hips..bend forwards a bit...then kinda go side to side...or you can do this laying down by bringing a leg at a time up to your chest...this Helps relieve Lower back, AND Hip Pain...Hold each leg at least the count of 10...bring the other leg each leg at least 3 times...I do this alot while in a standing position...making sure I have something to easily hold onto if I start to Teeter !!

Learning about, and Practicing Good Posture has Helped me alot...working out in a Heated Pool has Helped me I have Strengthened Alot of the Balancing Muscles...without even thinking about days of constantly stumbling, tripping over Nothing are about 2 years behind me now...also, I used to grab for something, MISS...and end up knocking Over what I was reaching Arms and hands were Slower then my Mind...this to has moved behind me as something I USED to do..

I am ALL to aware that IF I stop any part of "My Program" that all my Issues will return With a Vengeance...I don't know Why I have become So Sensitive to Slight Postural changes...Hypersensitive Nerves am Thinkin...which goes Right along with what Ails us..

Sit Up Straight peoples !! You Listenin Ta Me !!

This is One Step in Living my Life as Pain Free as Possible...Another Step Involves removing Stresses..Sigh...that one is ALOT more Difficult This Year !!

Love & Hugs to all the Beautiful People on the FM Board !!
Posted on 11/02/09, 10:16 am
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Reply #1 - 11/02/09  10:25am
" I'm really bad for slouching and laying sort of sideways on my laz-z-boy chair. I tend to "baby" my sacroiliac on the one side. I can't stand in one spot for more than 3-5 mins, before I have to sit down. Too painful.

My doc recommended a wedge cushion for on my computer chair seat. I haven't been able to find one yet but put a regular cushion. He said that could be why I had sciatic pain. He did osteopathic techniques about a year ago and the pain is just starting to come back now, although to a much less degree.

I think shoes play a huge part in all this and I'm one to buy too cheap of shoes and not get orthos made. I keep saying I'm going to do this, as they are even covered under my medical! I'm twisted both up and down and one side is more forward...not a good combo. "
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Reply #2 - 11/02/09  10:35am
" Shoes are Incredibly Important !! Our Feets take the Weight of Our World !!

Wedge pillow huh ?? just so happens I have one...a "Memory Foam" one that my chiro sold me to sit in the bed with...Duh, never thought to put it in my chair !!

I Need a better chair for the times I have to sit here and do Bookwork for HOURS...I Honestly Don't know How people that have desk jobs do it...this is where I have the Majority of my issues !! "
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Reply #3 - 11/02/09  10:46am
" Boy, don't I know it. I'm so thankful my mother made us girls stand up straight. Being so tall, there's a tendency to slouch, especially when all the other kids make fun of you.

Stretching is important for all our body but our backs take such abuse, much we don't realize until we injure ourselves. Our spines pretty much house the main line for our nervous system. The pain radiates outward from there.

Shoes are super important. I wear a lift in one shoe because my left leg is an inch shorter than the right. I sure notice when I'm without the lift.

And if you sit a lot, it's wise to invest in a good chair.

Good post, Dakota. "
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Reply #4 - 11/02/09  12:06pm
" Hi Dakota,

thanks for the reminder. I sit here at my desk and over time, the slouching begins. You are so right....sit up and some of the pain goes away. : } "
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Reply #5 - 11/02/09  12:16pm
" I hear ya, Dakota! I, too, am very grateful to my mother for making all of us kids stand up straight with our shoulders back. We'd be shopping at a mall and I'd feel my mother's finger poke me between the shoulder blades. Just a soft little nudge and I'd immediately pull my shoulders back.

It's amazing how many people have poor posture. It's not only bad for your entire spinal column, but it's terribly unattractive too. I'm glad I have a laptop because I have a high backed sofa and it's easier to maintain better posture, not to mention, way more comfortable than the typical desk chair. "
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Reply #6 - 11/02/09  5:25pm
" I thought rolled over shoulders was a sign of royalty? Crap!

Hey, do you think they make orthopedic cowboy boots, cause that's all I wear when I'm out. "
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Reply #7 - 11/02/09  6:35pm
" it does help to be aware of posture...a few years ago a physiotherapist told me to drop my shoulders and push them back...all of the time. If I consciously try to do this it really helps...helps mind you....still have alot of pain but is some less. "
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Reply #8 - 11/02/09  7:32pm
" yes because not ALL our pain is from this Illness we have...Some can be corrected... "
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Reply #9 - 11/02/09  8:26pm
" Great post Dakota, thanks for the reminder.
I wear my orthotics in every thing, even slippers, and sandals. My back kills me real bad if I don't.
I have scoliosis, and Kyphosis, which runs in my family.
Posture is so very important.

Gentle hugs, Sherrall "
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Reply #10 - 11/02/09  8:33pm
" Thanks for the gentle reminder! "

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