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Hi everyone, I am new here. My name is Ellen. I am 33 years old and was diagnosed with Fibro in 2002. I am actually asking a question that is part of another post called "Do you have this symptom." There were a lot of posts and I wasn't sure if anyone would be able to read all the posts before they got to mine so I am making it a new topic because I am real concerned about it. The post for those who havn't read it is about overheating and sweating at the slightest exertion.. A lot of people replied and they too have this problem. I too have this problem except it is accompanied with a fever. I have had a low grade fever now for months and months that has nothing to do with exertion. And fevers is something I have never had before with my fibro. And then if I do anything at all expecially just taking a shower (a cold shower) I get overheated really bad, my face flushes, I feel sick and my fever spikes to over 101. I don't know why the fever would have anything to do with overheating. So I was wondering if anyone else has this happening or is something else wrong with me? I know that a lot of people with Fibro have low grade fevers but does your fever go up with the slightest exertion? Does it have anything to do with being overheated? And why do we/I overheat so bad? It's miserable for me! Thank you all for any advise you can give.

Posted on 10/15/09, 02:08 pm
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Reply #1 - 10/15/09  2:21pm
" I would check with your doctor you may have something else going on. Your doctor should do some blood test. A fever is a sign of some type of infection. I wouldn't let it go.

Sending Hugs and Prayers that you feel better soon. "
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Reply #2 - 10/15/09  2:36pm
" Well I can relate to getting overheated really easily. I am constantly hot and often can't cool down. I have thought about taking my temperature when I get hot like that but have yet to do it. So maybe I will do that:) I will try and remember to come back and tell you if I get a fever when I'm really hot. But I can't guarantee that I will remember:) "
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Reply #3 - 10/15/09  3:20pm
" I have the low grade fevers especially at night. I wake up in a sweat then chilled then sweaty. My average temp is sub-normal as most with Fibro and runs normally 97.2. No tolerance for cold or heat. The shower thing I posted somewhere as a comment. Showers are one the most exhausting activities for me. I overheat, I notice my breathing gets shallow or without meaning to that I'm holding my breath. By the time I get out I am sweating like mad, dizzy and worn out with exhaustion. I hate to shower now. I put it off and when I need one badly and plan to take one then I end up with one of my severe nausea spells or too much pain so it gets put off and put off again. I was someone before Fibro who jumped in the shower every morning, I couldn't wait 2 days to shower, I had to be clean and made up(hair, make up). Oh boy, are those days gone. Some medications can cause fevers too usually with other unpleasant side effects.

Sherry "
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Reply #4 - 10/15/09  5:17pm
" You mention fever....since having fibro my temberature is a steady 96.4.

What's with that????? LOL "
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Reply #5 - 10/15/09  5:20pm
" The low grade fever and the sweating may not be related.

For me the Nortriptyline that I was taking for 10 yrs caused horrible sweating. This is the first med they put me on so I didn't know it was the med causing it, I thought it was the fibro. It was terrible and embarrassing and I suffered thru all of that for nothing. As soon as I saw a new doc and went off that med, the sweating stopped instantly.

Look up your meds on the internet and find out if that is a side effect.

As far as low grade fevers, they seem to be quite common with this condition, especially troubling if you have CFS/ME. I have to have a fan in every room. I even carry a hand held little fan in the car. I can be all hot one minute and freezing the next. "
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Reply #6 - 10/15/09  8:36pm
" I don't know if i get a fever but I have no tolerance to either. I sweat and overheat doing small things until I get beet red and sick to my stomach. I try to tell me it is my nerves but sometimes i think it makes me nervous. i get cold too. I hate showering too. I get sick also. It takes so much energy and I feel so hot and sick afterwards I avoid it. I know everyone is going ewww, well it not like I go weeks at a time but I am home alot and lately I don't even get out my pajamas because my clothes hurt my body. Right now my left arm is killing me. Nervers spasming everywhere. I never know how to define my pain. I feel like I am getting zapped right now. I am cold and hot now. It seems like every hour I am taking a layer off or putting layers back on. My body doesn't know what to do. It is cold in my bathroom and if I use a heater that will make me sicker and if I don't I will be freezing. I never really thought about this. I wonder what the hell I can do about it. Has anybody have this temp problem too. "
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Reply #7 - 10/15/09  8:45pm
" My temperature spikes occasionally - only marked by the headache I've always gotten with fevers. But my normal temp is 97.2, so it pops up to 98.3 and I get the headache. But with a fever that is jumping up to 101 - I would really have it checked out. Low grade fevers are common for me (no more than a bit over a 1 degree jump) but my temperature never goes up to what would be a high fever.

Best of luck, and I hope you start feeling better. *hug* "
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Reply #8 - 10/15/09  8:47pm
" Hi Ellen:

I would have your doctor rule out autoimmune issues...make sure there isn't something more than fibro going on. Would also request a Complete Blood Count (CBC) and make sure there is nothing off with those counts.

Jan "
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Reply #9 - 10/16/09  12:38am
" Yes are bodies do not regulate well to heat or cold. I have this problem also. "
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Reply #10 - 10/16/09  2:20am
" I read it as something like this, the body's inability to regulate temperature. Night sweats are one possible symptom of FMS and low grade fevers, though that doesn't mean when we get the sweats we have a fever. And, intolerance to heat and cold. Are we all insane? Sure could drive us that way. It's all so weird! Like being in the Twilight Zone. Pain, Fatigue, Cognitive impairment and 55 other possible symptoms affecting all systems. Someday, if I get my life back when there is treatment for us they will have to teach me how to live again.

Less pain and more energy to us all.

Sherry "

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