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Elavil and Flexeril
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I've been on Cymbalta 30mg for a few months now and it's no longer working. I also take Lunesta 3mg to make sure I get enough sleep. My problem is that these meds are both so expensive and I'm also afraid of upping the cymbalta dose because if I have to stop taking it, I heard it has AWFUL side effects.
I was thinking about asking my dr to put me on Elavil and Flexeril, but I was curious if anyone else is on this combination and could tell me more about it.. the pros and cons, and stuff. I'd really appreciate it!
Also- does anyone have any good suggestions for pain killers that help with pain from connective tissue disease? I'd like to have a good idea before I go in so that I can make sure my doctor gives me what I need
Posted on 09/04/07, 08:09 pm
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Reply #1 - 09/04/07  9:15pm
" The only thing I can tell you, and it's not from personal experience but from reading is that both meds are known for weight gain. "
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Reply #2 - 09/04/07  9:39pm
" Allie, I was on Cymbalta until a few weeks ago, I went off of it after about a year, I was on 60mg. It stopped working for me after about 3 weeks for the pain part of it, but the depression it was still OK. It started to not work in that dept so off I went. I got onto Wellbutrin. The only thing that is going on is that I'm a bit fuzzy, and have had an upset tummy, not sure if it's from going off, or going on. My appetite has wained in the proses.
I also take Flexeril, that I take at night, to help with the twitching, and for sleep. I also take Naproxen 500mg twice a day, it has taken my pain down about 50%. I went off it for about 3 weeks, to see if it was really helping, and the pain came back so fast, so back on I went.
Not sure if this will help or not.
Hugs to you Donna "
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Reply #3 - 09/04/07  10:29pm
" i was on on elavil and am on flexiril... my dose of elevil was uped to 100mg and it still was not doing anything but making me sweat.. the flexeril helps me relax some and it does help with sleep it is also something i am able to take during the day... if you do go on this beware of side effects and i hope it works for you.. good luck ..**hugs** remeber not everything works the same on all people.. "
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Reply #4 - 09/04/07  11:43pm
" thanks for the help! :-) "

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