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Rheumatic fever & Fibro
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I was wondering if there are other people who have Fibro, and also had Rheumatic fever as a child?

Many of the symptoms of Fibro remind me exactly of how I felt as a six year old child with Rheumatic fever.

Like, could Fibro be the "adult" version of Rheumatic fever, or a cousin to this disease?

Just a thought...
Posted on 05/08/09, 11:45 pm
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Reply #1 - 05/08/09  11:53pm
" When I was young my mother said i'd run dangerously high fevers and doctors could never figure out where it was coming from or why it was happening. Even today when i'm about to flare i'll run a high fever and then break into sweat then everything locks up and starts hurting really really bad.

But... docs say that I also have a form of Juvenile Rhumatoid Arthritis. JRA does seem to fade away with age though so it looks like I swapped the RA for FMS oh joy. I can honestly say Fibro is way way way worse on me than the JRA ever was...mainly just because nothing really works for it. At least with the RA i can get pumped full of steroids and scare it into remission lol.

Have they every checked your RH factor or Sed rate? With Rheumatic fever you may be like me and have a form of RA that acts up everyone once in awhile. "
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Reply #2 - 05/09/09  5:14am
" That is an interesting thought. I never had Rheumatic fever, but I just thought I'd bump this up and see if anyone else can shed some light on the subject. "
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Reply #3 - 05/09/09  7:24am
" funny you mentioned that and yes the pain in the joints feel like that...I was 7 when I woke up one joints were so inflammed I couldnt walk or move from the neck down..I spent 3 months in the hospital on antibiotics....I think our fibromyalgia is caused by the rhuematic fever...I know grannie here in the group also had rhuematic fever... "
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Reply #4 - 05/09/09  7:28am
" also I want to mention...those who have had scarlet fever are also connected to them in some way or how many had rhuematic and scarlet fever...I think we go on remissions and as an adult it flares back up...hugs "
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Reply #5 - 05/09/09  10:41am
" Oh wow yea I had Scarlet Fever too.... I never thought about a possible connection with the fibro "
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Reply #6 - 05/09/09  10:45am
" I don't know or think I ever had that, but I would get alot of very High Fevers, I got copies of all my Medical records as far back as Birth, and I would Often get the high Fevers, severe "D" as a baby, especially around Immunizations...Fevers of 105 and a time or 2 higher...

any Virus we have ever had, stays within us forever, mostly our bodies fight it down, and keeps it in check, but if our Immune systems go down, they Can rear their Ugly heads once again...Important to always do ALL you can do to keep your Immune system Healthy !! "
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Reply #7 - 05/09/09  11:13am
" My mom and her mom had Scarlet Fever but as far as I know, I didn't. My anti-streptolysine titre is over 600 and normal is supposed to be 200. That's one test we ALL should get done. I was always sick as a baby and got all the childhood diseases...chicken pox, whooping cough, etc. "
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Reply #8 - 05/09/09  1:53pm
" At age 6, I would cry all the way home walking home from school, fever, etc. Then one more I was completely paralyzed on left side. I was taken to hospital, and tied to a bed for 3 months as treatment for Rheumatic Fever. It was extremely traumatic time for me. My entire childhood, my parents were always whispering in other room, as I was the 'sickly" one. I also got mono at age 9, at least they called it mono.....I have always been knocked off my feet when I get strange fevers, and ache in ever inch of my body.

Five years ago it started with "travelling pain", severe throbbing pain in different parts of my body. That was when the doc first used the word Fibro. Now that pain is constant and throughout entire body Rheumy has officially diagnosed as Fibro.

My point being, I think there is a correlation between childhood diseases and Fibro, in this case Rheumatic fever - the pain & exhaustion is way too similar.

So, why can't they treat it like they do Rheumatic Fever?? "
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Reply #9 - 05/09/09  1:54pm
" Is Scarlet Fever similar to Rheumatic Fever? "
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Reply #10 - 05/09/09  2:10pm
" rhuematic hits the upper respitory and heart...scarlet fever is a rash that developes...both are caused by strep...I think... "

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