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High Blood Pressure after Fibro.
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I have always had good blood pressure. Then fibro came along and after 8 months with fibro., my blood pressure went from 117/76 to and average of 130/94. What the heck. I have not gained too much weight, I have been heavier.
I just went off flexeril, Neurontin, and Gabapenton. Not all at once but over a 3 month period I was put on one and then off and then tried another, etc.
Now I am detoxing for the fibro. study I am in and have not had anything other than Ibuprofen 800 mg's.
So I am in a lot of pain with no relief.
Any ideas as to the cause?
Posted on 03/16/08, 11:35 pm
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Reply #1 - 03/16/08  11:52pm
" It probably has to do with not having any drugs in you at all for the study. Coming off all to so a fibro study is not good for the system. So I would go back to your Dr. and have him/her put you back on something for the fibro. I am on Neurotin right now and have been for about 6 weeks and am pain free, I don't know how long this will last, but this is such a relief that I am amazed. I have heard that it works for some and not others so I would ask for it to try at least.....Love....Helen "
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Reply #2 - 03/17/08  12:00am
" blood pressure will rise with pain.. the more pain the more your pulse rate and blood pressure will go up.. this would be my theory on why it is rising for your not on anything for pain.. ibprophen isnt that helpful.. good luck hun.. and hope all works out ok.. hugs.. :) "
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Reply #3 - 03/17/08  12:05am
" thank you-
Boudreaux- I am glad the Neurontin worked for you, It didn't for me. Either did the Elavil I was put on. Hopefully the next drug in the study will work.
Cindy "
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Reply #4 - 03/17/08  12:19am
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Reply #5 - 03/17/08  12:22am
" Have you craved or had any salty foods? Have you decreased your exercise?

Weight. The greater your body mass, the more pressure there is on your artery walls. That's because more blood is produced to supply oxygen and nutrients to tissues in your body.

Activity level. Lack of physical activity tends to increase heart rate, which forces your heart to work harder with each contraction.

Tobacco use. Chemicals in cigarettes and tobacco can damage artery walls.

Sodium intake. Excessive sodium in the diet can result in fluid retention and high blood pressure, especially in people sensitive to sodium.

Potassium intake. Low potassium can result in elevated sodium in cells, because the two balance one another.

Stress. Stress can raise blood pressure.

Alcohol consumption. Excessive alcohol intake can, over time, increase the risk of heart disease.

Age. The risk of high blood pressure increases as you get older.

Family history. High blood pressure often runs in families.

High blood pressure can also be caused by an underlying condition, such as kidney disease, hormonal disorders, thyroid disease, adrenal gland disease, and the use of certain drugs, such as oral contraceptives, or herbs such as licorice. This type of high blood pressure is called secondary hypertension.

Here's the proper way (according to the Mayo Clinic) on how to take your bp at home.

You could try adding CoEnzyme Q10, Garlic (acts as a blood thinner so take with caution), omega 3 fish oil (excellent), folic acid and hemp hearts (also excellent).

You could also try 5-HTP and D-Ribose for the pain. "
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Reply #6 - 03/17/08  1:06am
" thank you so much for the info.
what really concern me is i feel like my blood pressure is up. and when i get anxious (like I was playing an on-line backgammon game that normally i have no anxiety or stress playing it, now i do) i feel my heart rate go up.

i am scared, which probably does not help.
cindy "
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Reply #7 - 03/17/08  1:39am
" For the past 5 or so years, I used to get horrible heart palpitations. I went to the ER, had a few clear EKG's, was told to take one of my hubby's Ativan's for the anxiety attacks (worked after two pills and haven't had it since) up until 2 weeks ago. I think it's the 5-HTP. It seems like my breathing and heartbeats are regular now. It's a nice feeling. "

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