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I am so scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If all works out my husband's work is now firing him on the 10th of this month, but we only have $5 in our checking acct.

As of the 10th, we can call and request our 401K money which is not going to make us rich, but will get us through a couple months, but we have no more than $5 to our name and need TP, toothpaste, and husband's meds......

I do not expect anybody to help me nor do I think it is anybody's job, but for all the things I have done for my folks over the years of helping them, flying from Phx to CA every weekend to help my mom when she was having seizures, to go help my mom clean up my sisters hoarders apartment with needles. they cannot just loan us $200 until we get our 401 and I would pay them back?????????

I have NEVER asked for any money help from them ever, I mean NEVER! They helped me when my 1st hubby died and such with letting me live with them, but my sis always got $$$$ and I got nothing!

They are rich and it isn't like they do not have the money, they just do not believe my husband is sick at all, they think I am lying to them. WHY ON GOD"S GREEN EARTH WOULD I LIE ABOUT THIS??????

I am angry, hurt and SCARED! I finally got the ball rolling with some medical papers that needed to be gotten on the ball, but it is going to take time and time is not something we have? Husband will try for unemployment, but work said if he can't work he won't get it, but what work doesn't realize is.....he can work if he sits down and only works an 8 hour shift if he HAS too, but they refused to just let him work 8 hours and not 12.

Hubby went back after a heart attack and another heart surgery and after the 2nd surgery, he feel on the floor after 6 hours and had to take a nitro pill for his heart, yet they refused to let him just do 8 hours!

Our food bank only helps us with food, but not toiletries, so I may call around to see if anybody know who does??????

If you pray, can you please keep us in your prayers! Thanks so much and God bless!
Posted on 12/05/13, 05:20 pm
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Reply #31 - 12/08/13  10:00pm
" Help coming in from every direction! Sometimes we actually get what we pray for!

So relieved for you! "
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Reply #32 - 12/08/13  11:40pm
" Really feel for you. I know of the emotional rollercoaster that comes along with financial instability because I am going through it. It is a daily fight. I just asked a close friend to borrow money so my water won't get turned off tomorrow.
Never have borrowed money from anyone other than my aunt my whole life so it was an out of body experience.
Hoping for better days ahead for both of us. "
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Reply #33 - 12/09/13  12:57am
" gr8ful, thanks for the prayers I do believe in them!

Mommyx6....I am so sorry, I so know how you feel! It was all we could do to accept some help and now all this one couple wants to do is help and I am grateful for it, but I still feel so horrible! We are getting some help for Christmas from family and from another source that I will not mention, but if and when we get on our feet, maybe I can help you! Hang in there girl, I so understand!

You will be on the top of my prayer list tonight mommy! Things will be ok one way or another! Big hugs to everybody!

Be nice to others and it comes back to you in some way! "
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Reply #34 - 12/09/13  1:10am
" I am so glad I came back to this thread to read your good news! This kind of thing really does restore my faith in people.

Hoping you have a good holiday with much less stress! "
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Reply #35 - 12/09/13  7:10pm
" So happy to hear that you are getting help! Yes indeed, prayer works! "
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Reply #36 - 12/09/13  9:08pm
" Got a Christmas card today from my folks for more than we had thought which will be put to very good use! No Christmas this year for us, but to me, love and a roof over my head is all I need! No money will be spent on anything other than bills, rent and food! "
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Reply #37 - 12/10/13  5:12pm
" I am so sorry to hear that you're going through all this. Please go to your local dfcs office and ask for some help. There is a reason these offices are there. You never know when you are going to need some help, nobody is exempt.

Please just ask for the help from your family for the immediate future needs. They should openly offer to help, but some need a nudge. You need some help. Love and light to you and yours! "
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Reply #38 - 12/10/13  5:12pm
" yay, so glad to see your last post :D "

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