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Body Temperature??
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Does anyone run a low body temperature? Or when you feel as if you have a fever it doesn't reflect when taken? To sick to break out the laptop but I thought I recalled reading a link with fibro and body temp.

My body is showing all signs of having a fever and yet my temp is 98.4 right now. I just got back from the drs and I have the start of an upper respiratory infection. My body aches so bad I can barely move. I had to have someone come take me to the drs. How do you deal with being sick?
Posted on 06/04/13, 05:55 pm
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Reply #1 - 06/04/13  6:01pm
" Yep. I have a very low normal body temperature. I didn't used to until about 3 years ago when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I no longer have that malady, but my temp is still low. "
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Reply #2 - 06/04/13  6:44pm
" My normal body temperature is 97.4 to 97.8 so when I get to 99.0 or higher I usually have a fever.

Don't know if low body temp & fibro are connected but over the years I have had to monitor my temp so much I have learned what is normal for me & it isn't what is normal for most. "
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Reply #3 - 06/04/13  7:48pm
" I'm the same as sugarbear. My normal temp is usually 97.2 or so. When I start feeling feverish, my temp is around 99. Not sure why the body temp has always been low. I've also had low blood pressure all my life also. It's been 90/50, and that's when I was at my neurosurgeon's appointment (when higher blood pressure would be expected!).

Feel better soon. "
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Reply #4 - 06/04/13  9:12pm
" Am a low body temp person too. It always was a little low but took a big drop after I had emergency surgery for appendicitis. Now I'm luck if it gets up to 97. 98.6 is definitely fever land for me.

My doc told me, as we age our temp often tends to get lower, reflecting a waning metabolism. "
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Reply #5 - 06/04/13  9:39pm
" Ok, this is interesting. I was talking to my nurse the other day because I had a bit of a chest cold. She said that people with Primary Immune and Auto Immune issues like Fibro tend to run very low fevers and are not able to run a healthy low grade fever to help fight infection. She said ideally a good fever should be between 100-100.8 and advised lots of rest, fluids. and trying to bring my 96.7 degree temp up.

I had a hard time with this! I ended up in bed, lots of covers, and heating pads on my chest, shoulders, neck, stomach, under each arm (why? that's where you take a kid's temp, faulty reasoning I know!), but I could only get my temp up to 98.7

So, I guess this is common...any ideas for raising body temp for a sustained period of time would be great! "
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Reply #6 - 06/04/13  10:22pm
" Not to be left out, I too run a lower body temp like the rest of you lovely fibromites. The lower temp seemed to kick in w/ my 1st big flare and never left.

Similar to OutsideSmile, I also have low blood pressure and always have. "
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Reply #7 - 06/04/13  11:05pm
" Yes, I have always had a subnormal temp of 97.6 as well as a low blood pressure. As far as your question about dealing with being sick, it varies according to how sick I am and how long it lasts. One thing I have learned is to have patience. Give yourself time to heal. Try to get extra rest if possible. "
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Reply #8 - 06/04/13  11:16pm
" Countr,

That is the other thing my nurse said...where it takes an average person 7-10 days to get rid of a cold, someone with Fibro/Auto Immune can expect 14-20 day recovery time. She stressed the need for LOTS of rest, fluids, and again keeping the body warm.

*also my bp tends to run about 90/60

Awww, we are Fibro Family! Look how much we have in common :) "
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Reply #9 - 06/04/13  11:25pm
" Like the rest of you, I also have a low body temperature, and therefore feel feverish at 98.6+. I also have very low blood pressure. These both have been normal for me for years. "
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Reply #10 - 06/05/13  12:26am
" Wow! Sounds like we need another survey on this topic. I also run around 97.6. It's been low like that for 10-12 years. And it sometimes actually gets lower instead of higher when I'm sick. My BP is okay though. "

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