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For the past 3 years I have lived under the assumption that I had rheumatoid arthritis. Almost all of the women in my family have it,and I have been fighting the pain, swelling, fatigue, fevers, hot hands, anemia, insomnia due to pain, and brainfog this whole time. It started in my hands and slowly every joint in my body has become involved.

Is this what everyone else experiences? Last night was my diagnosis, today is my research day, please excuse my lacking knowledge of the syndrome.

My rheumy has put me on a high dosage of medrol to taper down over 8 days, an anti-inflammatory, and Savella starter pack.

I have not started the Savella because the instant side effects worry me, and it is my son's birthday this weekend. Plus, I would like to ride the steroid 'feel-good' wave for a bit and get my house cleaned!!

Any thoughts, advice, personal stories are greatly appreciated! I know everything about RA, but nothing about FM.
Posted on 05/17/13, 12:19 pm
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Reply #11 - 05/18/13  8:51am
" Hi all, thank you for the warm welcome! Sorry that my original post was confusing, I was not in a stable emotional place when I wrote it.

3 years ago I began experiencing hand swelling and flares. Fatigue followed and pain set in. At the same time, my husband switched jobs and we realized the health care was not what was promised so I was unable to afford a rheumatologist as my son was ill w/an autoimmune issue and had to be pulled from school so I quit my job.

My PCP ran bloodwork and even though my RF factor was negative, he was sure I had RA and prescribed anti-inflammatories and short term prednisone.

So, I went through life believing I had runs through almost all of the women in my life, so it was not foreign to me and I accepted it as do the women in my family.

Finally, my husband changed jobs and I went to the rheumy. I wasn't flared at the time and my bloodwork was all negative and my MRI showed no damage so he diagnosed me with fibro & bursitis of the hips/shoulders.

Huge shock. Still believe I am in the beginning stages of RA so we will keep a close eye on it, but now I am trying to adjust to fibro, which I have almost all of the symptoms of.

My husband has done a lot of research over the past 2 days and is interested in the correlation to injurys and the start of fibro. Anyone know anything about this or had an injury prior to their symptoms? I played roller derby and took a hard hit that resulted in a concussion, whip lash, and broken tailbone. 2 months later the swelling in my hands started. This was 3 years ago and I still have pain in my neck and tailbone area. "
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Reply #12 - 05/18/13  11:48am
" hi , welcome, and yes I was in 2 car accidents, rear ended and had whiplash, and nerve damage in my back, in 2005, then was tboned in 2007, and things just got worse after that and the fibro hit, my doctor said that it is prob the accidents triggered it, have had chronic pain since...hope you find some relief. I joined here not long ago, and everyone is so nice, supportive and giving, its a great group of ppl to help you for sure:) "
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Reply #13 - 05/18/13  4:25pm
" Hi Misty,

It's me again. In response to your question about the relationship between FM and injuries, and considering your history of whiplash, you might appreciate the research of FM specialist, Dr. Andrew Holman:


I was diagnosed with this 2 years ago. "

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