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making changes to diet
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One of my friends that has fibro went through a list of things that I needed to cut out when I was diagnosed in September. It's all been so overwhelming that I haven't really listened to her up till now. As I try to cut out splenda, aspartame, caffeine (not all at once), how long do I need to go without something to determine if the lack of is helping or not helping.
Posted on 02/10/13, 11:27 pm
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Reply #11 - 02/12/13  6:30am
" I went through the process and here is what I found. I am totally convinced that most, if not all people with fibro are sensitive to multiple chemical additives, and some foods. For me it is cow's milk and gluten.
You cannot take one thing out of ypur diet at a time and test it because if there are 10 other things making you sick, then taking that one out will not make enough of a difference. Start with a week of the most basic diet possible. No chemicals, gluten, dairy, soy, corn. Make everything from scratch, (no bottled sauces, processed foods,etc). If you are a coffee drinker have your coffee black else the headaches will not let you be. Stick to rice, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, chicken, beef, fish. Make sure your spices at home do not have mystery flavoring because these might be MSG. No soy sauce )has gluten). No canned or frozen foods because for instance some frozen French fries are coated in flour to keep them from sticking to each other. You could probably keep Food For Lifegluten free bread in your diet.

Difficult, but in a week WITHOUT CHEATING WHATSOEVER you will know for sure if food has anything to do with how you feel. If you keep to a diet without the culprit(s) you could continue to improve as your intestines heal. "

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