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anybody really bothered by incense?
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We visited our daughter yesterday and came back today......had a wonderful time together as a family. She had incense burning yesterday, and I didn't connect it until this morning, but my head started hurting, and I started feeling really queasy.

It hit me this morning, when they lit some more, and I started feeling weird again. So I asked them to put it out for me, b/c it made me feel bad. Well, of course my family all thought I was nuts! I didn't mention that it goes with fibro....I just made some lame comment about being very sensitive.

Has anybody else had that happen?

Posted on 02/03/13, 02:33 pm
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Reply #21 - 02/04/13  8:06pm
" Wonder~ I wonder if you're referring to Hollister? I only go in there if it's to get a gift card for one of my step kids who likes to shop there. It's so loud, dark, and there's that mixture of like 50 different colognes and perfumes that makes my head spin! I just want to get in...and get the he** out as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it's usually around Christmastime so the lines are terrible and I'm stuck there for a while. By the time I'm done, I usually feel like crawling out of there, gasping for fresh air. LOL

Jenalone~ I'm thinking it's "both" for me. I'm always saying to someone, "Do you smell (whatever it is I am smelling at the time)?" Then, like 5 minutes later, they can smell it too. But I'm also overly sensitive to smells. "
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Reply #22 - 02/05/13  3:37am
" my family always used to give me incense as gifts, i had to tell them that it is not good for me, i explained that it makes me feel high, it makes me dizzy, and have nausea, and just awful, they thought it was funny but i can't stand it a instant headache, and cleaning products are worse "
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Reply #23 - 02/05/13  11:08am
" I can't handle incense at all. Even walking by it when its for sale in a store sets me off. Its crazy.
Any perfume or strong smell does it for me, unless its fruit smells- i can handle them....and vanilla but thats about it. Poor hubby is big on cologne and struggles to find scents that are mild enough for me, but still smell nice. "

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