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January 21, 2013 Good Morning

***PA system squeeeeellllllsssss and frays that tiny nerve at the base of your spine*****

"Can I have you attention please? HEY! Squirrel! stop that giggling!

I WOULD LIKE....(clears throat) I would like to call to order this meeting of the Society to Prevent All Slamming of Mondays!

Can I get a, "HAPPY SPASMS"......(and the crowd goes wild)

GOOD MORNING LADIES AND GENTS. Shall we start today's meeting with a show of hands? Raise your hand if you are HAPPY THAT IT IS MONDAY AND YOUR HOUSE IS quiet shhhhh

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....I mean shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

This was a busy and interesting weekend for me. Friday I got wind of Green Coffee Bean Extract pills, recommended by Dr. Oz for weight loss blah blah blah from a friend. So, I decided to try it because I can not afford to go out and buy an entire new wardrobe and can't stand myself anymore. So anyway, I go to the Health food store and buy the supplements and I have no idea if the supplements are helping me get rid of the fat layers on my body or not, BUT I have a definite increase in energy.

Nothin dramatic, and if I was not so painfully aware of how FREAKING tired I have been feeling, I would probably not notice the difference, but I am definitely less tired.

So, (get this) Friday I cleaned out, color coordinated, and organized my closet and did all the stuff I normally do

Saturday, I went grocery shopping and started the looonnnngggg process of cleaning out my basement (this should take me about 25 years. My stuff has collected stuff. My stuff has sent out invitations to other people's stuff and my basement is some holiday resort for stuff. My stuff got together with other stuff and had baby stuff, I think)

Sunday, (are you sitting down) I took apart my clothes dryer venting system and cleaned it out then went outside, climbed a ladder and cleaned it out from the other directon also. Let me just say that it is amazing that my house never caught on fire.

My pain levels have not improved at all. I still feel like crap on a stick most of the time, but at least I have been able to clean out some of the things that I have wanted to get to for about 10 years now.

I may be hobbling, ouching and ooooing and aaaing, but I will be an organized nut case.

Today, I am building a planter box.

I hope ou find 100 reasons to smile today



1 c. laundry detergent

1 c powdered dish detergent

1 c bleach

1/2 c. Borax

let the laundry soak for 30 minutes then wash as normal



1/2 ammonia and 1/2 hot water in spray bottle

spray on

cover with a white towel

iron up stain
Posted on 01/21/13, 08:29 am
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Reply #1 - 01/21/13  9:39am
" Good morning Sunshine!

Okay, so D, I'm with you with the hating my body bit. My "stuff and fluff" has been multiplying also and well...bottom line, I've got more stuff and fluff.

And with my heart palps thingy, I avoid caffeine like the plague. Does this give you the gitters or can you feel an increase in your heart rate?

I also heard of this wrap system called "It Works". And like the title of it does work. I have an old HS friend that sells it now and I've seen the results...I'm rather impressed. You can google "IT Works!" and you'll find the link if anyone is interested in finding a distributor in your area.
I've been tempted to give her a call lately!

I woke up feeling much better today. I overdid it on Friday and Saturday with running from the moment I got up till the moment I went to bed. And well, yesterday my body retaliated against me. It was threatening a flare, but I kept ignoring it...and it came on yesterday.
Then my stupidity hit me. I kept thinking if I only push myself through the would help break the pattern. Finally this morning, I'm much better. And I have a rearranged kitchen, new shelving / hook system in the entry area for the kids school stuff and a fully stocked pantry. My hubby installed a new faucet in my kitchen which I could just keep kissing him for. My last one was leaking so bad, plus it was ugly!

Today it's cold here. -35 to -45 wind chills. My plan is to stay in!
It's not a quiet household here, but it's a happy Spasm for me because I don't have to run the kids anywhere!

D, what kind of dryer system do you have? We recently installed a straight vent system where you can take it apart piece by piece to clean it out. Plus w/out the accordion style tubing, it's less likely to develop build up. But I sure am proud of you for getting yours cleaned out. Love the cleaning tips too!
Wishing you success with your coffee extract pills and a very happy SPASMS today!

And we really ought to come up with a SPASMS handshake! "
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Reply #2 - 01/21/13  10:40am
" Goodmorning fibrobrats

D, please come to my house next and do your magic. Hopefully I will feel more like it in time. I don't like uti, yeast and still trying to heal. Like I said before I just have to realize it takes time.

We were in dc one day and I drank some concentrated caffeine drink and it boosted me up but I think caffeine is my enemy now.

Thanks for cleaning g tips

Wonder enjoy your day at home and try to stay warm. Also enjoy the new faucet, I watch hgtv channels alot and keep hoping one if those hot looking FYI guys or property brothers would knock on my doors

I am still hoping for the magical cure elevator, one gets in rides it 13 stories up comes back down, steps out and cured of Medical problems. I remember when my mom was dying from cancer almost 30 years ago and she made the statement " by now they should have a machine you can lay in And kills all cancer cells"

Here it is 30 years later and we can't even cure say it this way Crap.

Everyone have a good day "
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Reply #3 - 01/21/13  10:49am
" Morning

D.. I am sending you my address, my closets would be easy to color match, blue jeans, sweat shirts... won't take you long:)

Wonder... bundle up, the cold is here too, not as bad as yours but coming this way.

And it is cold, the pup is not messing around outside to long. I have to go with him or he will not do his thing. He has a fenced in huge yard, but momma has to be there.

Got my painting down and the room all put back together, now going to look for new flooring down there. I am excited about the floor, but the sideways snow and below zero temp might keep me home. I need gas in the truck too, so if I go out, got to get gas. What ever happen to the nice guy that pumped the gas and washed your windows??

Peace to you
Dually "
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Reply #4 - 01/21/13  10:53am
" Hi Magic,

I hope things get better for you soon, how is your new friend at the hysterectomy group??:)) "
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Reply #5 - 01/21/13  12:18pm
" WonderWoman, the name is misleading. There is no caffeine in it, so no nervousness or palls. I do have the accordion style vent. Hope you feel better today and even more tomorrow

Ok MagicOne, I will come on over anytime. Hope you feel better

Wow Dually, bravo for you and the paint job. You go girl

Remember no caffeine in the green coffee extract "
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Reply #6 - 01/21/13  1:01pm
" Good Morning D, and Everyone,

OMGosh, I am so delighted that it is Monday and I am a part of the Happy SPASMS, as my pain level is extra high today. It must be this darn cold weather, though, nothing like what you are having, Wonder.

D, I've recently heard of these green coffee bean pills and was curious to know more about them. My reasoning is the same as yours. I cannot stand the extra weight that has decided to take up residence in my body. Please keep me/us posted on how these pills make a difference (either with weight or continued energy or anything else) continue. I will try them too, if they get a good review from your experience after a couple of thanks for sharing :) Oh, and much applause for all you've been able to accomplish lately...that is awesome!!

Wonder, I am always willing to look into new items, that come recommended from someone I know, so I will definitely look into "It Works". So, you fell for the 'ole, 'if I just push myself' trap. Gah! I also have fallen victim to that thought, many times, and I wonder each time if I will ever learn! I am so glad that you've bounced back from this and are feeling better today!

Magic, I hope the antibiotics kick in and get at least that part of you feeling better. UTIs are so painful, and to have that pain atop of the fibro pain, just is not right!

Dually, YAY for YOU on getting the painting done! You should feel accomplished! And moving onto the flooring should be fun as you explore the possibilities. The weather sounds awful, so staying inside where it's nice and warm, would be my vote :)

I had a nice day yesterday with my eldest son coming home to prepare and cook me dinner for my birthday (since he couldn't be here a week ago). And then out of nowhere, my dil texted me and offered to bring dinner tonight when she, my second son, and granddaughter visit (they usually visit and hubby and I prepare dinner). So, I am looking forward to tonight, in spite of feeling awful :)

WIshing everyone a good day! "
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Reply #7 - 01/21/13  1:06pm
" Happy SPASMS, everyone!!

It is oh-so-quiet here this morning :) YAY!! I've been cleaning a bit, load of laundry, dishes, etc....about to go check on the grandpuppies now, and stop at Tar-jay for a couple of things. I am enjoying the sunshine, after our rainy season of last week :)

D, I'm also in clean-out mode....First, I'm attacking the office. I know, I've said that 151,923,207 times....but this time, I REALLY am throwing out stuff. So far I've moved the desk around, and I'm looking at a possible new file cabinet purchase. SO this is SERIOUS!! LOL

Thanks for the cleaning tips....I'm always trying to find ways to do things easier and better, and am LOVING the more natural cleaners!

OK, gotta get going....D, hope your pain eases....must be in the air :( Take it easy today, pix of the planter box!!

Wonder, glad your flare is doing better....try to get some extra rest today, and stay warm.

MAGIC, I hope you have a good and restful day, girl!

dually, oooo, I LOVE painting! Would love to see pix of the room :)

HUGS to all from down south :) "
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Reply #8 - 01/21/13  2:24pm
" Wow D. you are wonder woman. I had to be calm this weekend. I did something every night last week and my body finally started screaming at me along with my husband.
Wonder I am with you I can only have on diet coke in the morning and the rest of the day I have to stay off caffeine.
MagicPill I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Yeah Monday is 1/2 over.

SLK7791 "
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Reply #9 - 01/21/13  3:26pm
" D? Would you like to help us organize?? We could use all the help we can get (any volunteers?)! We gotta pair down everything get rid of all we don't absolutely NEED and soon begin boxing things up. All while we have to finish renovating the place.

Today...we will be driving around the island (taking the scenic route) stopping at fruit stands and looking at the beaches along the way. There's HUGE surf today... like 30 ft waves! Really wish our camera was working. It crapped out on us last month, we have to send it in to Sony so they can have a look.
Mom wishes we were taping up the living room instead and getting ready to plaster up holes in the walls, etc, but we wanted to venture out instead. "

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